N.J. Extends Gun Laws

PUBLISHED: 6:24 PM 16 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 8:43 PM 16 Apr 2018

New Jersey Makes Attempt To Expand Gun Laws To Surrounding States

If passed, the law would affect how residents travel to pro-gun states.

New Jersey democrats are seeking revenge on the NRA by attempting to implement a travel ban.

Individual states’ rights exist due to differing opinions throughout the nation. While all fifty states may hold different laws and beliefs, all fall under the protection of the U.S. Constitution, or at least they used to.

Most recently, liberal legislators in New Jersey began pushing for a law which would expand the state’s overreaching gun laws into other, more gun-friendly states. This is unsurprisingly motivated by the left’s hatred for the National Rifle Association which is being blamed for recent shootings. If passed, a travel ban would prevent “public workers and elected officials” from visiting 37 states if such travel is funded by the state.

In the 37 states in question, consisting of over half of the United States, permits are not required to purchase firearms. While it is a constitutional right, gun-grabbing liberals insist that lax gun laws cause gun violence.

State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg is sponsoring the ridiculous bill, however, her reasoning takes her liberal anger out on the incorrect outlet. She claimed that bill has “the goal to send a message to the National Rifle Association,” yet would subsequently affect 37 states and their corresponding economies.

Even more outlandish, she claims that the previous method of “fighting the NRA on the basis of logic and rational thinking has not worked,” hilariously implying that conservatives are the group which is being unreasonable.

She continues that “I think the thing that might work is fighting them with their pocketbooks.”

If passed into law, the bill would prohibit “state-sponsored travel” to any of the 37 states which include Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

While it is a clear rights infringement, the law would also prove to hinder political advancement, as politicians would likely be banned from traveling to all but 12 other states. It has not been revealed if this would extend to the New Jersey governor, Phil Murphy, however, Weinberg reported that she is optimistic that Murphy would ‘honor’ the law.

Unfortunately, she may be correct, as Murphy has indicated that he supports all of the recent gun control laws which have been proposed in New Jersey.

Recent additions to the state law would, if passed, include extreme risk orders of protections, mandate that residents express a ‘need’ to obtain concealed carry permits, and would, of course, include outright bans on certain weapons and ammo including ‘high-capacity’ magazines as well as “armor-piercing bullets.”

Weinberg and other NRA-hating liberals repeatedly illustrate their ignorance when they attempt to confine the NRA to specific states. While the states vary in political degrees, the National Rifle Association has members from all 50 states.

Trying to punish New Jersey on behalf of the NRA is unfair while trying to claim that the NRA only exists in republican states is simply naïve.

The director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Scott Bach, expressed his disapproval with the latest proposal. He claimed that the fact that New Jersey is attempting to “control the behavior of other states” is indicative that the Garden State has more than enough gun measures to control its own citizens.

Even more importantly, he addresses the fact that criminals do not abide by “hardware bans” that Weinberg, Murphy, and other liberals are seemingly obsessed with implementing.

However, Murphy unsurprisingly noted that anti-gun students are ‘inspirational’ and motivate him to passed additional “common sense gun laws.” Given that he noted being “ready as ever” to do this, it can be expected that Murphy will fully support Weinberg’s bill.

Along the same lines, just last week, Murphy implemented a ‘Name and Shame’ policy, similar to that of a sex offender registry. However, information in the database does not reveal despicable criminals’ addresses, but rather where criminals obtained guns used in reported incidents of gun violence.

This will do nothing to prevent further violence, yet could prove to be dangerous to firearms dealers who legally sell guns, unknowing that a purchaser may later develop malicious intent.

The NRA has not commented on the New Jersey attack, likely because it is confident in the strength of its members. Last month, after Murphy announced the series of bills just days after the March for Our Lives rallies occurred, the NRA and other second amendment advocates made a strong appearance at the War Memorial in Trenton to stand up for their rights.

This presence is crucial to protect constitutional rights, yet, given recent developments, is even more necessary to protest the ridiculous bill.

Gun-grabbing overreaches are unacceptable alone, however, a state attempting to dictate where officials can travel to, essentially abandoning over half of the United States, is downright despicable.