Gun Ban Harms Vets

PUBLISHED: 4:20 PM 3 Jul 2018

New Jersey Gun Ban Exempts Police But Makes Veterans Criminals

New Jersey just made one million of its citizens criminals by banning common firearm ammunition magazines.

Murphy is signing measures to criminalize veterans.

A recently passed gun ban in New Jersey just made more than one million residents criminals by banning firearm ammunition magazines. According to Breitbart, banning this common magazine will make veterans, many of which own these accessories, criminals in the state. Citizens are fighting the ban, and in the filings, it exposes how democrats ‘silenced’ any and all opposition to their fascist plan.

A lawsuit was filed by the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, who says the ban violates the Second Amendment and equal protection because it exempts retired law enforcement officials but not retired military veterans. The bill criminalizes many veterans who risked everything to protect this nation.

The new gun ban makes it illegal for a magazine to contain more than ten rounds. Many firearms are made and designed to carry more than 10 rounds, but possessing one is now illegal in the far-left state.

This bill is especially heinous because it does not feature what some call grandfather provisions, meaning the law will immediately take effect, forbidding citizens adequate time to adjust and make accommodations to extreme changes.

New Jersey Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy decided that citizens shouldn’t be allowed to do that. Instead, he made the new gun ban instant, which means millions of owners are now criminals if they possess a magazine that holds more than 10 bullets.

The suit highlights that the bill specifically states that retired police officers are exempt from the law, but retired military officials are not.

More importantly, who thought it was a good idea to label veterans criminals? As if serving the nation wasn’t enough, Democrats have now made sure former military officials are lawbreakers.

“New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and legislators silenced objections from law enforcement by exempting retired police from the ban,” said an ANJRPC press release. “But they made a ‘mistake’ in their pandering strategy that could prove fatal to the new law – they failed to also exempt military veterans from the 10-round limit.”

This is just the latest scathing move from the anti-gun Left, who are doing everything imaginable to erode the Second Amendment and make American the mirror of Europe, where people can’t defend themselves.

As previously reported by Conservative Daily Post, Democrats have also been pushing for measures that would require all gun owners to be licensed by the federal government and all gun sales to be tracked.

If these measures become law, it would allow the federal government to establish a national registry for all gun owners. It would also allow for all gun sales in the country to be tracked by the government.

Americans don’t need a license to own a firearm — a right guaranteed to citizens under the U.S. Constitution — just like people aren’t required to obtain a license to exercise their right to free speech, which is also guaranteed under the Constitution.

Taking Constitutional rights away from Americans isn’t enough; now, the Left wants to criminalize veterans for exercising their rights.