Gov Signs Gun Bill

PUBLISHED: 8:03 PM 9 Apr 2018

New Jersey Governor Signs New Gun Bill, Data On Gun Crime Will Be More Accessible

The public will be able to see where the guns used in crimes are from.

New Jersey Gov. signs executive order to publicize gun crime data.

As democrats continue to rally against guns and blame firearms for mass shootings, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) has just ‘taken action’ to make the data on gun violence more accessible to the public.

Murphy signed an executive order last week, which is known as a “Name and Shame” order, which will allow people to see where firearms used in crimes come from.

Clearly, the democrat executive signed this order because he feels that people are too stupid to take care of themselves, and gun confiscation is surely next.

The executive order demands that state authorities publicly publish information on their website where criminals got their guns.

“Every New Jersey resident deserves to live in a community that is safe, secure, and free from gun violence,” the order reads.

According to the order, 80 percent of guns used in crimes committed in the state come from outside New Jersey.

Murphy signed the order in an effort to “increase public awareness of the impact of gun violence on their communities and the effects of firearms trafficking into New Jersey.”

The New Jersey Governor argued in a statement, “Any death due to gun violence is one death too many.”

While many can agree with that statement, perhaps the democrats would be more successful if they truly understood the underlying issues that cause gun violence, such as mental health issues, the deterioration of the family unit (all mass shooters had no father), or the devaluation of life in massive pushes for abortion. Instead, they blame a tool and try to repeal the Second Amendment. The real intent is to remove the people’s ability to reject an unjust government.

Murphy’s action comes on the heels of the shooting in Parkland, Florida earlier this year. He went on to tell reporters that he hopes this action “can actually be a model” for other states to take action.

Does he really think this information will actually deter gun violence?

Earlier this year, New Jersey became one of the four states that agreed earlier to share registries of people banned from purchasing guns, which is just one step further toward total confiscation of firearms.

While the democrats would like to bring back the assault weapons ban, they neglect to realize that criminals do not abide by the laws of the land.

If the law-abiding citizens in the Garden State are forced to give up their weapons, the criminals, gang members, and thugs will still keep their guns.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution gives every American the right to defend themselves and their home for criminals, and it has always been interpreted in that manner.

Bottom line, the Constitution grants every law-abiding citizen the right to own a gun until they lose that right by breaking the law. Until they break the law, they are subject to every right in the Constitution.

However, the leftist objective is being beaten into the head of millions of Americans on a daily basis by the mainstream media.

After all, just look at the recent YouTube shooter. She was a female, who was mad about the tech company removing ads and did not even use an assault rifle. So while democrats claim they may stop at bringing back the assault rifle ban, it is clear they want to make the U.S. like the U.K. where all guns are strictly forbidden.

But then, we would just have a knifing issue, because evil people are going to use whatever means necessary to cause harm. Thus, what we have is a culture problem, where these criminals do not value life. Not a gun problem.