NJ Gun Laws

PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM 14 Jun 2018

New Jersey Gov Restricting Rights With Six New Anti-Gun Laws

He passed the laws to send a 'message' to President Trump.

The New Jersey governor signed six ridiculous gun control bills into law on Wednesday to send President Trump a 'message.'

In their frequent mental lapses, liberals often believe that they will one day destroy the entire second amendment. While the Founding Fathers ensured that this would never happen, the Constitution also permits the states to mandate their own firearm laws to some extent.

New Jersey democrats are using such states’ rights in an attempt to take away citizens’ rights to defend themselves, beginning with six overreaching new gun control laws that the governor signed on Wednesday.

Governor Phil Murphy was expected to sign the bills before they even hit his desk.

While they did not specifically attack ‘assault weapons,’ as democratic bans often attempt to, the latest laws are undoubtedly infringing.

Both A1181 and A1217 improperly gives doctors and family members, respectively, the power to the determine if a person is considered unfit to bear arms or are otherwise dangerous.

Thankfully, A1217 can only take away a civilian’s gun for “up to a year,” an eternity for gun owners. Regardless of the time period and similar to extreme risk protection orders implemented in other states, such seizures often bypass due process, violating multiple amendments.

Another new law, A2757, now mandates “all private gun sales in the state to go through a licensed dealer who can perform an additional background check at the point of sale,” limiting private transfers, thus delaying many from being safely armed.

While one would not expect New Jersey to have reasonable carry laws, A2758 worsened that by now requiring that anyone seeking a permit to represent a ‘justifiable need’ for such, a ridiculous consideration for an American right.

The fifth, and most vague new law now bans what they call ‘armor piercing bullets,’ a term that could be interpreted a multitude of ways depending on the strength of the armor being considered.

Yet A2761 is undoubtedly the most dangerous new law, as it mandates that magazines must hold 10 or fewer rounds of ammunition when then former limit was 15.

Practically speaking, of course, the six new laws only apply to law-abiding citizens.

However, they may soon be joined by another new restriction, S2465, to ban homemade ‘ghost guns,’ yet that has only passed in the state senate.

Considering the ease with which the other six bills passed, is likely to as well.

While some democrats at least pretend to support gun control out of legitimate safety concerns, Murphy made it clear that signing the bills into law was purely a political move.

The governor said they were intended to send “’a strong and clear message’ to President Donald Trump,” when Murphy unsurprisingly fueled Parkland students’ ‘activist’ movement.

He made these and similar statements during the Wednesday conference held in Trenton, New Jersey, attended by the usual gun control suspects.

Present at the law signing was Alfonso Calderon who survived the horrifying Parkland massacre. Naturally, he had words of gun control inspiration, saying “We have one message to all of those politicians who won’t wear their pride on their sleeve, who won’t stand up to the [NRA] and who won’t be decent human beings: we’re going to vote them out.”

He, along with other speakers, continued that the only way to implement stronger gun control is to vote for candidates with such on their agendas.

State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg commended the adolescent attempt to overturn the Constitution, calling their message ‘proverbial truth.’

Unfortunately, under his authority, Murphy was successful in restricting second amendment rights for his citizens: a goal inspired by prior pro-gun legislation under former governor Chris Christie.

Christie previously banned the ridiculous magazine limitation when democrats proposed it following the Sandy Hook tragedy.

At one point, Christie implied that he supported additional gun laws, yet thankfully changed his stance later in protecting the same citizens now endangered by the new legislation.

Yet republicans in the state did not allow the magazine law to pass silently. Apparently, “within minutes” that it was passed, the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs “filed a federal lawsuit” against it.

The group’s executive director, Scott Bach, explained the reasoning perfectly, saying that the law “turns one million people into criminals with the stroke of a pen, limits self-defense, and takes away property lawfully acquired.”

“Buy it yesterday, ban it today, go to prison tomorrow – it’s the Jersey way,” he concluded, calling the restriction a ‘trash heap.’

Thankfully, there is an exception to A2761 that will protect some: previously purchased firearms “that only accept magazines that hold more than 10 rounds” will be grandfathered in, yet must be registered with the state.

Of course, that does not help the new shooter or someone needing a replacement gun.

The series of laws does not benefit anyone in the state, except the government which will now profit off increasing arrests of former law-abiding citizens.

Most horrendously, all New Jersey citizens who formerly relied on firearms for self-defense are limited in their ability to do so. While the magazine restriction limits one by only five additional rounds, it could be one of those rounds that saves an innocent life.

Unfortunately, safety is not a gun-grabbing concern, as democrats fight daily to be the next gun control hero.