Sanctuary Pay Out

PUBLISHED: 6:04 PM 20 Nov 2018

New Jersey Approves $2.1 Million For Illegal’s Defense

Phil Murphy is proud of allocating taxpayer dollars to help illegal aliens.

New Jersey is proudly doling out $2.1 million to help criminal aliens stay in the country.

Phil Murphy, Democrat Governor of New Jersey, announced yesterday that his administration had reached a deal with four groups to pay out $2.1 million for free legal costs for illegal aliens.

That’s right.

If a person is here as a criminal in New Jersey, taxpayers will foot the bill to stop his deportation, thanks to these groups of liberals.

The state allocated $2.1 million in taxpayer money to “groups to provide legal” services.

Gov. Phil Murphy included the money in his first state budget. “The state allocated $925,000 each to Legal Services of New Jersey and the American Friend Service Committee.”

“It allocated $125,000 apiece to the law schools at Rutgers and Seton Hall universities.”

“Families who came to New Jersey for a better life do not deserve to be torn apart by the federal government’s cruel and discriminatory policies,” Murphy said in a statement.

Perhaps that includes criminal gang members too?

He added, “Deportation is one of the harshest consequences an individual can face under U.S. law, yet most immigrants do not have the right to appointed counsel and many cannot afford an attorney.”

The move has disgusted a number of people, including some in New Jersey.

That state has seen a surge in undocumented immigrants being arrested by federal officials since President Trump’s election.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 3,189 undocumented immigrants in the Garden State in fiscal year 2017,” which is a 42 percent increase from the year before.

Murphy said on his call-in radio show Monday night this money was needed because illegals don’t know where to go “to get the right answer.”

“I believe with all my heart in the ‘safer cities’ notion,” Murphy said. “When folks feel like they can come out of the shadows, engage with their neighbors, community leaders, elected official, law enforcement members importantly, you have a safer, more stable community.”

Of course, no mention was made of the illegal criminal who was recently released in this sanctuary land, and then murdered three innocent people. Maybe he’ll qualify for the ‘assistance?’

Murphy said the “intention here is to put an amount of money in place that begins us on a process where people know where to go.”

Murphy said he didn’t know how many immigrants this would help.

“A recent report by Policy Perspective said 67 percent of immigrants facing deportation in the state go before judges without a lawyer.”

Other Democratic-led states, such as New York and California, also siphon taxpayer money to give it to illegal aliens who succor off hard working Americans. A move that many people want stopped.