Omar's Ignorant Attack

PUBLISHED: 6:54 PM 14 Feb 2019

New Calls For Muslim Removal After Ignorant Attack Of Venezuelan Envoy

New calls that Ilhan Omar be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee have strengthened after her vile and ignorant attack of special envoy to Venezuela Elliot Abrams.

Rep. Omar is not only bigoted, she shows her ignorance and Russian sympathy in this attack on Elliot Abrams.

Ilhan Omar is completely unfit to hold a position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, according to a growing number of people.

Not only is her bigotry on display for anyone with half a brain, but her strange habit of mouthing Russian propaganda, her ignorance of foreign affairs, and her abuse of US immigration laws clearly demonstrate that she should be removed.

In a disgusting attack of the special envoy to Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, yesterday, she demonstrated her unfitness to occupy such a position.

In a hearing on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Omar got her big moment and began it by deliberately ‘confusing’ Abrams name in a childish attempt at ridicule.

“Then, sneering and smiling weirdly, she brought up a tangled political controversy Abrams had been involved in, the Iran-Contra scandal, dating from before she was born and cited that as proof Abrams could not be “truthful.”

After insulting the witness by calling him ‘Adams’ and claiming he was a liar, she then “insolently refused to allow Abrams to reply, and Abrams, who comported himself very professionally, accurately called that an attack.”

She stated, “Mr. Adams [sic], in 1991 you pleaded guilty to two counts of withholding information from Congress regarding your involvement in the Iran-Contra affair, for which you were later pardoned by President H. W. Bush. I fail to understand why members of this committee or the American people any testimony that you give today to be truthful.”

Many people wonder why she asked him anything at all if she thought he wasn’t ‘truthful,’ and accurately assume that she was conducting political grandstanding. She obviously didn’t write those statements or questions.

She next quoted Abrams as having said years ago that U.S. policy in El Salvador had been a success, “Do you think the massacre was a fabulous achievement?”

“That is a ridiculous question,” Abrams retorted.

“He noted that after the election of Napoleon Duarte as president, every government since has been democratically elected, and he considers that a success.”

“Rep. Omar went on to suggest that Abrams would ‘support an armed faction within Venezuela that engages in war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide’ if he believed it would advance U.S interests, claiming that is what he did in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.”

Apparently, the starvation, the suffering, the ruined institutions, the eating of zoo animals means nothing in Omar’s mind.

“Nobody in Venezuela’s legitimate government, run by President Juan Guaido, is talking massacre – or even throwing Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro in jail, actually, which shows the extent of Omar’s ignorance.

“The thrust of the talks in Caracas is how to get him out of there, with some Venezuelans saying a comfortable exile would be acceptable just to get him out over the alternative of leaving him in.

“The whole democracy movement in Venezuela has been an incredibly peaceful one, with gargantuan crowds of people and Venezuelan-led. It’s been marked by a focus on urging Venezuela’s military to abandon Maduro and join them.

“And the reason for the uprising is very serious: Millions of Venezuelans are starving, dying of disease, or fleeing for their lives. Armed revolt talk is not just a smear on Venezuela’s already abused democrats, in a place where gun ownership is illegal and troops are crying out for weapons, it’s not even possible.”

What Omar was doing was “repeating Russian propaganda points derived from its invasion of eastern Ukraine.”

One reporter summed up the exchange brilliantly:

“A third world doofus of partial education and substandard literacy, enamored of some third world ideology or other, brimming with pride and victimhood, goes into a confusion-and-resentment laced rant against the perceived wicked super-power of America, all the while desperately seeking its benefits (and in her case, power) on the side.”

Ron Radosh had a superb summary of just why that’s a problem:

“Omar’s comportment at the hearing, as well as her obvious belief that the United States is an imperialist and reactionary nation that by its very nature abuses human rights, should alone be reason enough to have her removed before she can do real damage.”

The case is growing for throwing this unfit person off the committee and even a public petition calling for it.

She is a racist spouter of socialist, communist propaganda. Those are facts.