PUBLISHED: 10:22 PM 24 Jan 2017

New California Bill: Students Now To Be Taught That Russia Interfered With 2016 Election

California lawmaker

Students Will Learn All About How Russia Helped Trump Win

During the presidential election, there was a huge outcry from the general public on the media. The media was trying to decry everything that would be considered “fake news.” Except that what they considered “fake news” were outlets that leaned towards the Republican side.

However in that realm of “fake news” sits the Democrats number one way of accepting the election results. To this very day, they say that Russia was responsible for helping Donald Trump even though they have yet to produce any evidence of it. It’s similar to that one kid in high school that bragged about things that he got but never actually showed anyone.

Except you could always ignore that kid and he would eventually admit that he was lying. Democrats on the other hand are taking this to their graves. However now they are going to pass that thinking onto our children.

A California state Democratic lawmaker has said that he will introduce a bill that will force teachers in the state to tell students about Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential election cycle. That’s right, the Democrats are going to continue saying that Russia had an effect on the election.

Hillary Refuses To Accept Trump's Challenge

Democrats Continue To Say That Russia Interfered In The Election

Marc Levine is the lawmaker that is going to introduce the bill. He has named it the “Pravda Act of 2017.” That is a reference to a newspaper component of the now defunct state propaganda machine from the former Soviet Union.

The press release states: “This legislation ensures that all California students will learn how the Russian government conspired to influence the United States Presidential Election to elect Donald Trump.” Or, as the sane and logical people would say, the reason that Trump won was because he was voted in fair and square.

Liberals continue to claim that the only reason that Hillary Clinton lost the election was because of the Russian hackers. They just completely ignore all the scandals that she has had. Surely it couldn’t be that people didn’t trust someone that put the security of the nation at risk, operated a pay-to-play scandal with her charity, or lied on several big topics. Nope, it was because of Russian hackers.

Hillary Clinton has stayed low since her devastating loss to Donald Trump. But her email scandal continues to be in the public eye.

Forget Her Scandals; It Was All Russia!

Levine’s press conference continued with him stating that the intelligence agencies in the United States have agreed that there was some form of Russian interference in the election.

“The work of 17 intelligence agencies including the FBI and CIA confirmed Russian interference in our election. This is a threat to our democracy and must be treated with appropriate significance in American history.” Once again, Democrats continue to boast that the intelligence agencies say that they found something.

What they don’t tell you is how they found it. They also fail to come up with the proof around it. It’s hard to believe someone if they don’t have proof of it occurred. Besides, considering how intense this election was, you don’t think that if they did find something someone would have shown how they found it?

However it isn’t just the children in California that are going to experience this. Levine wants to have all textbooks that are published in the state of California talk about the Russian hacking as well. California is the largest supplier of textbooks in the nation. So Levine’s proposal would affect all of those that are sent out to other states as well.

“California is the largest textbook market in the nation. Textbooks approved in our state are used throughout the country. Through this legislation, we can make sure students in California and across the United States receive accurate information about the 2016 Presidential election.”

How in the world is it accurate? There is literally no proof that it happened! All you have are a bunch of people saying that it did happen and they have yet to prove how it did. You’re literally forcing kids to learn about what you THINK is the reason Hillary lost.

Hillary responding to her email woes being reopened.

The Only Reason She Lost Was Because Of Russia

Again disregard all the scandals and lies that Hillary had, the ONLY reason she lost was because of Russian hackers. The Democrats are going too far this time because now they are going to affect the learning of the future generations.

Of course Democrats continue to think that Trump isn’t the real president of the United States. Before he was inaugurated, the Obama White House even came out and said that he was “illegitimate.” That type of thinking has spread ot other Democrats. Now they don’t think that Trump is the true president of the United States despite the fact that he was elected fair and square.

Although I’m not too keen on listening to what Democrats have to say. These are the same people that have demanded Trump supporters quit using the word “terrorist” because they have claimed that it is too offensive. Yes, these people really believe that we need to stop using this word because it’s offensive. I’m really worried about the future of this country if these people are elected into office.

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