PUBLISHED: 7:55 PM 22 Jun 2016
UPDATED: 1:31 PM 27 Jun 2016

New Bill Just Introduced That Would Raise College Tuition For Conservatives

New Bill Just Introduced That Would Raise College Tuition For Conservatives

There is a war on religion today.  We have seen it happen overseas. Everyday Christians are being persecuted for their faith.  However the battle has finally settled its foot on American soil.  We have a real issue on our hands. Christ believers are now under attack for the brutal death of gays in the Orlando killing.  This tragedy is now threatening our personal rights.

A new legislation is on its way. It will greatly impact the way Conservative Christians pay for school.

According to the WND, the Californian state assembly has passed the SB 1146 which includes non-discrimination in post-secondary schools and a significant hike in tuition prices.  The legislation is now at the committee level of the lower assembly.  It is expected to reach schools in early Fall. The bill will be passed and signed into law by a governor official.

This new bill will greet thousands of shocked Conservative Christians in the upcoming semester.

In Fall 2016, changes will be made to the Equity in Higher Education Act of California. It will take away the right to prohibit discrimination at educational institutions on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. It will also issue higher tuition rates for Christian education.

The bill recognizes faith-based education as “unliberal” and promises to educate students based on the changing world. If a college student decides to learn in a Christian school, tuition prices increase 20% every year.

The Senior Counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom stated, “That state of affairs wants to dramatically restrict the scope of that exemption so that a liberal arts religious institution can no longer maintain, enforce and apply faith-based conduct standards for their students and employees.”

This bill will keep Christ-based schools from providing higher education.  College students do not have enough money to pay for extra costs.  Eventually schools will close their doors.

The SB 1146 legislature will keep Christian students from getting taxpayer funds.  The only way to escape is to deny your faith and choose a liberal education.

New Bill Just Introduced That Would Raise College Tuition For Conservatives1

Many Christian organizations will be sued by left-handed activists who spread the anti-religion agenda. In addition, student life will be changed forever. All students will be required to deny their faith in order to get affordable education.

We need to pray for our nation and take action.

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