PUBLISHED: 8:28 PM 11 Jan 2017

New Alliance? Rand Paul Just Came Forward With Big News About What He And Trump Plan To Do

Once bitter rivals, President-elect Trump and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are putting country first now.

Once bitter rivals, President-elect Trump and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are putting country first now.

Once bitter rivals, President-elect Trump and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are putting country first now.

The difference between the GOP and Progressive Democrats? Republicans put country and the best interest of the American people first; unlike Soros puppet Obama and his midnight acts to create chaos in his final hours, or Queen Hillary and her lackey husband Bill who only care about self promotion, power and money.

As a show of unity, President-elect Trump and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are burying the axe from past bitter political battles and forming an alliance to help the American people in a common cause; repealing the destructive legislation of Obamacare, conveniently now referred to as The Affordable Care Act since the ugly truth is revealing itself about the failed “healthcare” law.

Paul stirred the pot recently with a “blistering speech” on the Senate floor blasting the GOP proposed budget that will increase the US debt by $9.7 trillion, a speech that he later condensed for public scrutiny.

Momentum and support for the KY Senator has skyrocketed since the speech. Now Paul is announcing his proposed budget including not only repealing Obamacare but says he has the replacement plan needed to fill the gap and Trump is “on board.

“Appearing on CNN, Paul, who is a physician by trade, said having dealt first hand as a medical professional in the “system”, Obama’s signature legislation is a “disaster.” He went on to say it needs to repealed as soon as possible but not without voting on a replacement the same day.

“I’m putting together a bill. It’s virtually completed,” Paul told CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer.

“It will be full of the consensus opinions on replacement. Basically that we need to insure the most amount of people at the least amount of cost.”

In his replacement plan, Paul is taking a three prong approach:

First, legalizing inexpensive insurance. Paul is a proponent of free market capitalism and has taken the stand that tearing down barriers and allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines in a nationwide open market will reduce cost.

According to statistics, cosmetic procedures are the only area in healthcare that has experienced dramatic reductions in costs in recent years. The reason is largely attributed to the fact the optional procedures are not regulated by the constraints of government plans such as Medicare and Medicaid unless deemed to correct a dire health issue. They are not covered for the most part under private insurance as well.

Since cosmetic surgeons are not bound by restrictive health care insurance regulations, the industry has competed in a free open market and thus that competition has resulted in reducing costs. Government and private insurers have reaped the benefit from those reductions on procedures they will cover if proven to cause a serious health problem.

For example, breast reduction that corrects oversized breasts linked to major back pain and disc issues that can be disabling and prevent a person from gainful employment. Or “droopy” eyelid surgery that can cause severe vision impairment affecting one’s ability to operate a vehicle and debilitating migraines, which can also affect an individuals ability to work. These corrections can ease the burden on Social Security disability benefits.

Special low cost financing  has popped up in recent years, allowing the consumer to finance procedures with low interest rates and in some cases offering free interest for up to three years. The lower costs and the availability of special financing have promoted a large growth in the industry, making it more available to the average consumer and thus as the free market works, has lowered costs for everyone.

If the free market idealism holds true in other healthcare areas, then Paul’s plan to include a free open market for insurance companies to compete for services will bring down healthcare costs and those savings can be passed on to the consumer. Lower costs on both procedures and healthcare insurance will open up a market to the consumer, making it more affordable and more will be participate reducing costs even more.


You and your doctor decide a treatment course not the death panels of Obamacare.

The other two approach options in Paul’s plan are assisting people in costs with health insurance savings accounts and introducing health associations plans that will lower costs for the people who chose that option. Providing a variety of options in an open free market takes a completely different approach than Obamacare, which has had a devastating effect on healthcare costs and affordability.

Obama's legacy: a destructive and disastrous healthcare law

Obama’s legacy: a destructive and disastrous healthcare law

Under Obamacare, the government “requires” individuals to have a healthcare plan, and as history has shown anything the government “requires” its citizens to have, costs and mismanagement abound along with the bureaucratic red tape that bogs systems down and stifles growth.

In a lot of cases, as with younger single individuals who are healthy, it is less expensive to opt out of buying insurance by taking the tax hit at the end of the year. It merely offsets the amount of refund in a lot of cases. As a result of this “out” for insurance less, young healthy people, aren’t participating and that lack of participation only adds to the ever increasing costs of Obamacare.

With a free open market and a variety of flexible options, younger healthy people are more apt to take some type of inexpensive coverage that is individually suited to their needs as will other middle age individuals and families making “Affordable Healthcare” actually affordable. And being the brain behind  ” the art of a deal” it appears Trump is lending his ear to his former rival; agreeing with Paul when it comes to downsizing the cost of the federal government, eliminating the deficit and debt and providing a capitalistic system in which healthcare for all Americans can thrive.

“With regard to the president (sic), all I can tell you is that he called and said he agreed with me,” Paul said.

“We ought to vote on replacement the same day we vote on repeal.”

Imagine, how American will truly become great again, if all politicians take a lesson from Trump and Paul. Putting the people and the country first, letting go of old grudges and actually coming together to solve problems sounds very reminiscent of the Reagan era. Lets all pray this will be the case over the next four years, but don’t hold your breath. The Progressive Marxist Dems and their “anointed” Soros “savior” Obama are doing everything possible to prevent that from happening. Now more than every, the “deplorables” need to stay engaged and continue to battle; the war is far from over.