Bibi Wins!

PUBLISHED: 5:31 PM 10 Apr 2019

Netanyahu Wins! Historic Election Leaves Left Without ‘Prayer’ In Trump Era

At the victory celebration, flags for President Trump were seen in the crowd.

In the general election, Netanyahu carried the day.

In a very close race, Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be the victor in the Israeli general election, sweeping him into an unprecedented fifth term as the nation’s Prime Minister.

“I am very moved on this night,” he told exuberant supporters. “This is a night of an incredible, incredible victory.”

Within the crowd of jubilant supporters, flags for Donald Trump could also be seen.

Many people in the United States agree that the election has helped ensure peace for the region.

The Times of Israel reported:

Although initial exit polls at 10 p.m. had shown Likud and Blue and White either even at 36 seats (Channel 13 and Kan) or with an advantage for Blue and White (37 to 33 on Channel 12), updated results accounting for the final hours of voting on both Channel 12 and 13 showed Likud leading 35 to 34.

And regardless of the horse race between the two major parties, the right-wing bloc was projected to win a majority in the 120-seat Knesset.

The results mean Netanyahu will likely sweep back into power for an unprecedented fifth term…

As of 3:12 a.m. Wednesday, with over 2.7 million votes counted, Likud was leading Blue and White 27.5 percent (roughly 33 seats) to 26% (31 seats). Shas was running a distant third with 6% (7 seats), followed by UTJ with 5.2% (6 seats) and Yisrael Beytenu with 4.6% (6 seats). The actual number of seats will likely go up once all votes are tallied and votes of parties that did not cross the threshold are redistributed.

Final turnout in the vote was 67.9%, down from 2015’s final turnout of 71.8%.

Depending on the final tally and coalition negotiations, Netanyahu appeared slated to be able to form a coalition with some 63 to 65 seats, while the Blue and White led opposition would have 55 to 57 seats.

Netanyahu said the numbers indicated a “fantastic achievement, an enormous achievement, which is almost unfathomable.”

He applauded his supporters for securing his win in the face of a “biased media.”

He called the Likud outcome “almost unprecedented,” saying, “When did we receive so many seats? I don’t even remember.”

Even as he declared his win, Netanyahu also counseled patience until all the ballots were counted. “A long night, maybe a long day, is still ahead of us and we will wait for the final results,” he said.

Netanyahu said he was in contact with right-wing parties, “our natural partners… Nearly all of them have publicly declared that they will recommend that I form the next government.

“It will be a right-wing government. But I intend to be the prime minister of all of Israel, right and left, Jews and non-Jews alike.”

For months before the election, Netanyahu has faced indictments for ‘corruption’ cases, which some people have likened to the same sort of tactics used against Donald Trump.

Earlier in the evening, the Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz also declared victory. But, as the counting continued, his claims became more and more improbable.

“Several key party leaders said they would recommend Netanyahu to lead the next government, including the heads of Ultra-Orthodox parties Shas and United Torah Judaism.”

The election has caused many people in the United States to breathe a sigh of relief. Netanyahu policies, morals, and decisions are well known.