Iran Lied, Big Time

PUBLISHED: 3:14 PM 1 May 2018

Netanyahu Reveals Secret Iran Warhead Project

The move provides justification for any military action Israel may take against the radical regime.

Netanyahu revealed Iran's secret nuclear programs in a press conference last night. He fell short of actually blaming Obama for the nuclear deal. .

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday that a secret Israeli military mission proved that Iran “lied big time,” and that the terrorist supporting regime has secret documents on an “atomic archive,” according to CNBC.

During a news briefing, Netanyahu detailed that his military forces obtained more than 100,000 documents during a raid on a secret location in Iran. The documents reveal that former President Barack Obama and his administration also lied when they said Iran would never be able to have nuclear weapons.

The documents revealed the regime has been conducting research from a “highly secret location” in Iran. Of importance was a program called “Project Amad,” which Netanyahu said was an operation to create, build, and test, nuclear weapons between 1999 and 2003.

The Obama administration knew this, yet still agreed to the nuclear deal with Iran in 2015.

Netanyahu said the files taken from the secret location prove Iran has been bolstering a weapons program that was unknown to much of the world. He warned that Iran has secret atomic archives, and had Israel not raided it, Iran could have continued to advance the programs.

The major announcement came just days after Netanyahu met with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, where they discussed the raid and the perfidious actions from Iran’s regime, and the recent military strikes.

The report on Iran being closer than ever to building nuclear weapons follows President Donald Trump making it clear the United States will likely withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement.

Trump has threatened to end the nuclear deal with Iran for years, and the documents collected by Israel during the raid further show Obama’s “deal” with the terrorist regime has only propelled Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Netanyahu and Pompeo agreed that Iran’s nuclear programs and operations coupled with its continued aggression is deeply disturbing and could cause a large scale war in the region if immediate actions are not taken.

But more importantly, the raid proves that the Obama administration’s “assurances” that Iran would comply with the nuclear deal was a complete lie.

In fact, it has been confirmed that the billions of dollars delivered to Iran on secret planes and pallets from the Obama administration have been used to fund terrorism and their nuclear tests.

Israel’s raid exposes Obama’s cash gave Iran the ability to build and test nuclear weapons.

With secret programs like “Project Amad,” the former president delivered everything Iran needed to build up its nuclear arsenal, which they undoubtedly want to use against Israel, U.S. and other allies. Perhaps Obama knew that all along?