Netanyahu Warning

PUBLISHED: 8:34 PM 30 Apr 2018

Netanyahu Plans Major Speech On Iran’s Nuclear Program

Netanyahu is expected to call for the U.S. and allies to clamp down on Iran's nuclear program.

Netanyahu is preparing to make a big speech at Iran's nuclear program.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to make a significant speech on Monday following meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he prime minister will reportedly reveal “dramatic news” and proof of Iran’s perfidious actions from Iran’s regime, according to JPost.

The speech comes after an unprecedented wave of attacks from Iran and Palestine, two nations who are actively funding and providing resources to terrorist groups in the region to attack Israel.

Netanyahu’s speech will be made from Israel’s military headquarters in Tel Aviv, where the prime minister will make a major announcement about the nuclear agreement with Iran. He will also speak about possible steps forward on dealing with the regime and its continued support for terrorist groups.

With President Donald Trump making it clear the United States stands with Israel, Netanyahu is calling on an increase in efforts to quell Iranian aggression. Trump has also threatened to end the nuclear deal with Iran, which Netanyahu may address during his televised speech.

In a Twitter post on Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif slammed Netanyahu as a boy who cries wolf, saying Israel and other nations had no reason to be concerned about Iran potentially building nuclear weapons. Such idiocy is difficult to comprehend.

He also included a picture of Netanyahu from the 2012 United Nations U.N. General Assembly, where he was holding a cartoon depicting how close Iran was at the time to acquiring nuclear weapons.

On Sunday, Netanyahu met with Pompeo to discuss the nuclear deal and Iran’s continued aggression in the region. Pompeo said the United States is deeply concerned about Iran’s dangerous actions toward Israel and attempts to acquire nuclear weapons.

Pompeo and Netanyahu warned that the nuclear deal coupled with Iran’s alliances with terrorist groups could be a disaster for the world if something is not done immediately to combat the regime.

The two men agreed that Iran’s commitment to radical Islamic terrorism is spilling over into Israel, which has subjected innocent Israelis to attacks from terrorists.

Trump is threatening to withdraw from the 2015 agreement, saying his administration will not sit idle and allow the terrorist-supporting regime to advance radical Islam while bolstering its nuclear arsenal.

Terrorists being able to use nuclear weapons to carry out attacks would be a catastrophe, and its something the U.S. and Israel are desperately trying to prevent.

It’s unclear what Netanyahu will say specifically on Monday night, but he’s likely to call for more help from the international community on combating Iran, quelling terrorist groups in the region, and closing loopholes in the nuclear deal that has helped the regime make advancements with its nuclear program over the years.