Israel Blasts UN

PUBLISHED: 10:02 PM 27 Sep 2018

Netanyahu Calls Out Iranian Atomic Warehouse, Condemns European Appeasers

During a General Assemmbly at the United Nations, Benjamin Netanyahu called out Europe for attempting to appease Iran, and revealed that the 'Islamic republic' had a nuclear warehouse in Tehran.

Bibi Netanyahu called out the Iranian government for building an atomic warehouse, and also condemned European appeasers.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, has one of the most difficult leadership jobs on the entire planet. While other nations are able to expand and build in relative harmony with their neighbors, the Israelis had enemies on every side nearly from their formation, and some of the nation that they share a border with even deny their basic right to exist.

Today, Netanyahu addressed the ‘leaders’ at the United Nations. While there, he accused the European Union, and European nations in general, of appeasing Iran, only after the Palestinians got their chance to talk. He asked why the Europeans wouldn’t “wake up” to their history of failure in the region, and dropped a bombshell accusation about Iran’s ‘atomic’ warehouse facility.

He was right, too. many people remember the ‘appeasement policy’ used with Hitler.

When he took the podium at 1:30 p.m. local time, the Israeli Prime Minister began by exposing what he declared was a secret nuclear weapons storage site in Iran, a nation that has spent decades threatening Israel and its safety in various ways.

Netanyahu, a man who served in the Israeli military as one of the Sayaret Matkal, presented maps and photographs of what he said was an atomic warehouse in the capital city’s Turquzabad district.

In a humorous twist, he said that the storehouse for nuclear weaponry was disguised to the public eye as a rug-cleaning operation.

He said that his nation shared the information they gleaned with the International Atomic Energy Agency, the organization responsible for inspecting nuclear sites and equipment in nations that are supposed to be abiding by limitations placed on their nuclear programs.

The Israeli Prime Minister also said that he handed the information over to various intelligence agencies.

While in front of the United Nation General Assembly, he also spoke out against the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry had pushed through before President Donald Trump took office.

Netanyahu continued on to accuse the European nations of appeasing Iran by attempting to renew the nuclear agreement, even though there was information indicating that the Islamic Republic had violated the conditions of the arrangement.

The Israeli leader asked if the European leaders had learned nothing from their history of ‘deal making’ and attempted deal-making in the Middle East.

While President Donald Trump pulled out of the accord that Obama had rushed into, the European nations who were party to the accord argued that they could convince Iran to be cooperative and transparent, in exchange for certain considerations.

In a response, the Iranian government, through its state-run television station, declared that the claims that Netanyahu leveled at them were ‘ridiculous’ and that there was no secret weapons facility disguised to look like a rug cleaning business.

The government owned and operated news station also declared that Iran was committed to nuclear nonproliferation, and that the program was still under the watchful eye of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency.

Iran’s IRNA news claimed that Netanyahu launched into such claims at the UNGA every year.

While the IRNA state-run media might want to denigrate Netanyahu’s claim, there’s good reason to believe Israel is correct.

Firstly, Iran represents an existential threat to Israel, and to its continued existence. Iran has equipped terrorists around the region with weaponry, explosives, and more, and many have suggested that the Islamic ‘republic’ has sent weaponry to the Palestinians, including rockets.

An Iranian regime with access to workable nuclear weapons could funnel them into Palestine, causing untold destruction in Israel. After all, Palestinians have used suicide attacks frequently against the Jewish nation.

Furthermore, Israel has maintained, and operated, one of the best intelligence agencies on the face of the planet.

The Mossad has spied on every nation around it with great success. They have pulled off legendary feats and operations, including kidnapping Adolf Eichmann, a high-ranking Nazi SS leader, from a foreign nation without permission.

If Netanyahu has come forward with information that there is a nuclear weapons facility in Iran, it is likely that he knows what he’s talking about.

Of course, Israel is no stranger to operating alone to protect their borders, something they’ve done to great effect in the past.

If Europe refuses to help, like both the EU and the United States seemed to refuse during the Barack Obama years, the world’s only Jewish nation will be more than capable of defending itself, and even going on the offensive.

Allegedly, that is precisely what they did in the last few years, when Iranian nuclear scientists continuously turned up dead of interesting circumstances.