Impeach Parties Planned

PUBLISHED: 2:26 AM 24 Jan 2018

“Need To Impeach” Party Grows, Billionaire Plans Gatherings Like Communist Reminiscence

Billionaire Tom Steyer’s latest scheme involves President’s Day parties that push the leftist agenda

Clueless haters are planning to host and attend these parties.

It was said that the average Roman was so distracted by “circus and bread” that they were all but hypnotized against what was happening to them as injustices were done. Well, the same distractions are being used today to control and subdue us. Television may be PC’s answer to the circus, but the endgame remains the same.

Rich dinners thrown by people who are looked at as powerful due to their gain are getting in on the folly, too. “Billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer is asking fellow opponents of President Trump throw house parties around the country on Presidents Day weekend” and demand his impeachment, the Washington Examiner reports today. His group, “Need to Impeach,” is certain that this last ditch effort will somehow come through for them.

This leftist seems utterly blind to the fact there exists no proof any wrongdoing with Russia, Putin, or anyone else. The American people rightfully elected Mr. Trump and he won fair and square. House parties with prime rib and escargot are not going to help change that, tasty though they are.

Thousands are expected to attend the house parties, which will be held from coast to coast in both large cities and small towns across the country” boasts the group that Steyer funds, “Need to Impeach.

As is painfully common to with Democrats, they miss what is truly needed. Trumped up charges and calls for removal from office are not needed on President’s Day, just a little respect for what Mr. Trump has earned. Those opposed to him may attempt to remove him in three years, but this which Steyer is endorsing is simply sour grapes from Hillary’s defeat on display. How is that a “need?”What most voters find is only their need to go away!

Missing this point, the group writes also that “Need to Impeach supporters will host house parties in more than 500 communities across the country on Feb, 17, 2018 — the weekend before President’s Day — to further build momentum and demand that members of Congress step up and remove Trump from power.

Tom Steyer has said that the White House does not stand up to Russia, even though the United States has fighter jets in the skies, nose to nose with Putin, for testing our airspace regulations and protocols.

The misguided Democrat also does not like how hard-line Mr. Trump is with North Korea, though his approach has brought Kim Jong-un to the bargaining table in regards to the Winter Olympics. This was never dreamed of before America got hard on the wayward Hermit Kingdom. Therefore, both of Steyer’s main gripes have no basis in reality.

Those wanting to waste vast sums of money trying to impeach a man who has done nothing wrong are encouraged to sign up to host parties and to sign a petition. Already, last year 20 million dollars was wasted in attempts to dethrone Donald Trump, now 30 million more is being sought.

As is commonly the case, this is really about Democrats feeling like they are actually doing something, there on the cutting edge, ready to spring into action to defend liberty, though it is not in danger.

In fact, liberty is best reflected in the actions of Mr. Trump, as seen by his handling of both China and Mexico in regards to trade only today. New taxes will help prevent both of those nations from taking advantage of the American workforce as has been done for far, far too long, something Tom Steyer seems too dense to understand.

Those who refuse to see the progress are welcome to throw as many parties as they fit. Still, at the end of the day, the real winners are going to restoring our nation in ways that have only thus far been hinted at.

Source: The Washington Examiner