Nebraska Defunds Clinics

PUBLISHED: 11:23 PM 4 Apr 2018

Nebraska Passes Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood And Other Clinics

The governor is expected to sign this bill.

A new bill defunds Planned Parenthood but still provides funding for other services.

Lawmakers in Nebraska passed a new bill that will defund Planned Parenthood and any other government-supported clinic that performs abortions. This decision was part of an $8.8 billion budget, which was approved in a vote of 38-6.

This should be great news pro-life advocates as well as those who called for defunding abortions after agents were caught on film negotiating the sale of illegal fetal tissue to biotech companies for unknown and varied purposes.

The bill is now on its way to the Republican Governor Pete Ricketts, who initiated the proposed plans in the family-planning portion of the budget.

Nebraska has 42 health clinics and 2 Planned Parenthood clinics that receive funds from the state.

Those facilities that do not use government money to perform abortions will still receive federal funding for other services and procedures. Low-income and uninsured people will still be able to receive government money.

Planned Parenthood is the source of continued scandals, and the latest embarrassment comes from Planned Parenthood Keystone, in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. The facility tweeted out from the clinic’s account that they wanted a Disney princess that has had an abortion.

Is this really a message little girls that are too young to fully understand the issue should be exposed to?

They also wanted her to be transgender, and an illegal alien who works for a union. The tweet was soon deleted, but not before public outrage ensued across social media.

In 2016, Planned Parenthood officials were caught in an undercover sting, with a video showing calm and cavalier agents negotiating the sale of fetal tissue. The operation was conducted by the Center for Medical Progress, which is a pro-life group.

Federal investigations into the alleged sale of fetal tissue did not find any evidence that there was selling or profiting off of the tissue.

Many states conducted their own investigations. Reports claim that no evidence was found, but later two bioscience companies admitted fault for violating state and federal laws by selling the illegal materials.

The DaVinci company admission to selling tissue from Planned Parenthood came as a vindication for the Center for Medical Progress, showing that their video was accurate. The video clearly shows the official’s face.

Other hidden camera videos have since emerged, showing abortion clinic representatives explaining the processes for harvesting the tissue and preserving it for the most profit. Additionally, other whistleblowers have come forward with their own stories and videos.

Project Veritas also targeted the Planned Parenthood officials in a covert journalist investigation that confirmed what previous videos showed.

David Daleiden was subsequently charged with violating privacy laws by secretly recording the abortion providers. Again, investigations did not find any evidence for illegal fetal tissue sale. Strange that the officials seemed to know what they were documented as saying. The charges were later dismissed.

Although Nebraska is leading the way on defunding abortion clinics using tax-payer money, the new spending bill for the federal government includes full funding for Planned Parenthood.

Federal funding for Planned Parenthood also includes birth control, emergency contraception kits, and other women’s health services. None of the federal funds received can legally go directly to abortion services.

Despite the money to abortion clinics, the new bill does not include any funding for the border wall that President Trump continues to call for. This is interesting because it shows the priorities of the republicans in Congress and their lack of support for the president on the key issues that also concern Americans.

In other Planned Parenthood news, president of the organization Cecile Richards, claims that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner tried to bribe her to stop providing abortion services. She believes that in an effort to gain a political win, the two offered increased federal funding in exchange.

President Trump has always been an outspoken supporter of pro-life rights. In April 2017, he signed a bill that would allow states to withhold federal money from organizations that provide abortions. Now, states are taking advantage of the opportunity to decide what is best for the people who live there.

This sort of decision-making power belongs to the states, and to the people. This development allows the citizens to make the choice to fund abortion or not.

The governor of Nebraska is expected to sign the new bill into law. This is a victory for pro-lifers everywhere.