NC Officers Bashed

PUBLISHED: 8:43 PM 17 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 10:04 PM 26 Sep 2018

NC Police Officers Slammed On Social Media After Arresting Hurricane Looters

The officers were sharply criticized online for simply taking people into custody for taking advantage of a hurricane to steal from a store.

Police officers in Wilmington, North Carolina were recently attacked on social media for arrested several people who were caught looting a store that had been closed during Hurricane Florence (pictured above).

Several days ago, the state of North Carolina was struck by Hurricane Florence, a Category 4 hurricane with winds over 140 mph. Although Florence has since been downgraded to a “tropical depression,” it is still causing death and destruction due to flooding.

While covering the damage caused by the storm, a reporter and her camera crew also caught numerous people looting a closed store in Wilmington, North Carolina, which is sadly something that is relatively common during hurricanes. She then contacted the local police department, who promptly showed up and arrested five people for looting despite being told upon arrival to “stand down” by the store’s management.

Following the incident, which was shared across social media, countless liberals blasted the cops for the looting arrests. Some, for instance, mocked the officers for doing their job by calling them “goodie-two-shoes” while others attempted to make the matter about race by claiming that the officer’s conduct “sounds about white.” There were even a few people who, quite disturbingly, went so far as to suggest that the cops basically kill themselves.

Specifically, officers with the Wilmington Police Department recently arrested five people for allegedly looting items from a local Family Dollar Store.

“Wilmington Police are identifying looters who took items from a local Family Dollar Store Saturday afternoon, despite initial concerns from the store management we will charge them to [the] fullest extent of the law,” explained the law enforcement officials in a statement about the incident that they posted on several social media platforms.

“Earlier this afternoon dozens of individuals went into the Family Dollar Store at 1318 Greenfield St and stole numerous items from the store. The looting was captured on social media and by a local news team which notified local police,” they continued, noting, “when officers arrived they notified store management who did not want to pursue charges initially. In an effort to address looting at this location a curfew was ordered for the one block radius around the store to prevent any further crimes.”

Before concluding, they added, “after consulting the District Attorney and Family Dollar Management charges will be filed against looters. Moments ago officers arrested five individuals who broke in and looted the Dollar General at 5th & Dawson Streets. Charges are pending and those details will be released as they become available.”

Bafflingly, rather than praise the officers for upholding the rule of law, a significant amount of people viciously bashed them on social media.  

“Can’t believe you goodie two shoe d*** wads,” wrote one user.   

“You are bad people” stated a second user, referring to the arresting officers. “The stock was going to be destroyed in the storm anyways, and the property owners did not wish to press charges,” they added, even though the video footage recorded by the reporter clearly shows that there was not any flooding near the store at the time.  

“It’s a doller [sic] store, their literally isn’t enough there for it to be more then [sic] petty theft. Go rescue people or something,” argued another user.

“They’re not encouraging looting …they are being gracious in a time of need. Have you ever barely survived regular life and then had to survive a DEADLY hurricane too? People are just trying to eat drink and wipe their ass. Back off my city, please. #florence #WilmingtonNC Always some evil folks like you around, these people are in a desperate situation. Family Dollar recognizes this and understands,” claimed the fourth user.

Others, who many would agree are completely deranged, rushed to try and make the arrests about the race.

“White folks all up in arms about people looting the dollar store but church mouse quiet about the government looting FEMA…Yeah sounds about white,” asserted one social media user.

“And we don’t need any black people shot and killed over a toothbrush. RELAX! Have some compassion and understanding. The whole ‘unfortunately’ leaves a bad taste. It sounds like ‘we’d love to shoot ’em but…’ Shame on your P.R. person,” wrote another person.

In addition to bashing the officers and trying to make the matter about skin color rather than the crime of looting, some even went so far as to call on them to end their own lives.  

For example, in response to their statement about the incident, one user stated, “what, are you bored or something? May I suggest lying face down in a kiddie pool?”

There was also a bit of push back to what many would agree was completely misguided outrage. One user, for instance, wrote, “I’m pretty sure COLOR has nothing to do with this, as I saw white people *ahem, STEALING* too. The problem is we’re saying that it’s okay for people to BREAK INTO a business and take things. I doubt all they took was necessities.”

The looting of the dollar store in Wilmington came just a few days after the editors of The Washington Post published an op-ed suggesting that President Donald Trump is partly to blame for the dangerous hurricane.

Specifically, the authors of the opinion piece basically implied that because President Trump has pushed back against leftist attempts to cripple the United States economy with immense regulations and expressed some logical skepticism on the topic, he is partly responsible for the destruction that’s caused by natural disasters while in office.

As of now, though, it is currently unclear whether or not they’ve used their same reasoning, which countless recognize as ridiculous, to conclude that the president is somehow also complicit in the looting or in the arrests of the looters.

Sadly, misguided outrage is quite common. A few weeks ago, for example, Lilly Diabetes, which is a company that provides treatment resources and options for people who have diabetes, announced that they will be cutting their ties with Conor Daly, who drove the #6 car in his recent NASCAR debut, after it was revealed that his father made an offensive comment on a live radio show back in the 1980s.

And before that, the owners of a Missouri antique shop experienced a similar amount of outrage after deciding to display a pro-police American flag on the outside of their store, which resulted in them temporarily taking down the flag.