NBC Admits Propaganda

PUBLISHED: 11:38 PM 23 Jan 2018

NBC Tacitly Admits They Are Happy To Spread North Korean Propaganda

Lester Holt gleefully explained that the network was only showing what Pyongyang “crafted.”

Why on earth would NBC promote North Korea's propaganda?

In what has already become one of the most controversial moments in the history of American TV, liberal network NBC decided to broadcast on its screens North Korean propaganda. This unexpected action was made by running government-approved reports and also by presenting certain images that are far from reality. Basically, the communist regime called the shots, and the liberal network decided to be part of the charade.

As reported by the Daily Caller, NBC eventually appeared to admit they committed these controversial actions through a tweet published on Sunday. Naturally, we’re talking about one of those moments that could represent a serious hit to the network’s reputation. After all, this media outlet basically showed the American audience what the Kim Jong Un’s regime wanted everyone to see.

The situation was quite ugly to watch. The main character was NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, who was reporting inside the rogue state, providing what he described as an “exclusive” look at the so-called Hermit Kingdom as it prepares for the Pyongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea.

According to the Daily Caller, while the anchor was providing this “exclusive” content to the audience, NBC was –by its own admission- broadcasting the Kim Jong Un’s regime propaganda.

Naturally, North Korea is just executing the communist playbook of what to show to the Western world. Communist regimes such as the former Soviet Union and Cuba has always been characterized for controlling every single detail every time a western journalist wants to check the reality in those places.

As you can imagine, what these journalists get most of the time is nothing more than a sickening charade where even regular people act as if they were living in a thriving nation. The goal of this cold strategy is not only to make everyone believe that these countries are prosperous and happy but also that every single report that says anything contrary is just a hit piece.

Lamentably, NBC seemed to forget this classic strategy and fell into the trap that Kim Jong Un’s regime clearly set up. Of course, what this network ended up doing was only to show everyone what the communist dictator want them to think and believe.

While reporting at the Masikryong ski resort, Holt explained that North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised the NBC crew what they didn’t want them to shoot. In addition, the NBC anchor also pointed out that this figure “crafted much of the itinerary of where we can go.” Naturally, these comments indicate that the rogue state could have been calling the shots on what the liberal network presents to the public.

As noted by the Daily Caller, one of the most revealing parts was when Holt explained that the North Koreans in what he described as a “modern” ski resort was just “an image that I think they [the North Korean government] want the world to see.”

Lamentably, the irony in that situation was that the network was fulfilling the regime’s wishes while Holt was pointing out this fact. If the communist regime wanted the American audience to see who things are not that ugly in the Hermit Kingdom, NBC made it possible.

Referring to the pictures of the luxury ski resort near the coastal town of Wonsan, Holt explained that Kim Jong Un’s regime wanted those images to be shown to the world. After all, while this rogue state is under great pressure from strong international sanctions, Pyongyang is determined to show they are unfazed by the punitive actions.

What seems to be one of the most ironic details about this whole situation is the fact that the coastal town of Wonsan used to be a place where the communist regime tested some of its most deadly weapons.

Yesterday, the North Korean propaganda site “Today Chosum” started to promote the luxury resort as one of the most incredible achievements of Kim Jong Un. As you might know, one of the most Orwellian details about this communist regime is the cult of personality, given the fact that North Korean leaders are treated in a messianic way.

As reported by the Daily Caller, the resort cost almost $40 million at a time where most of the North Korean people were starving. In addition, this media outlet pointed out that child labor may have been involved in the construction of this place.

While the Hermit Kingdom has been making great efforts to promote the resort, NBC turned out to be the unexpected figure that would help them in this difficult endeavor.