PUBLISHED: 5:57 PM 6 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 9:17 PM 6 Dec 2017

NBC Staffers Speak Out About Fear As 2018 Olympics Set To Begin, Site Specific Reason

Stephen Burke (pictured) at NBC is hearing that some of his staffers are afraid that Kim Jong-un will attack during the Olympic Games in South Korea.

Stephen Burke (pictured) at NBC is hearing that some of his staffers are afraid that Kim Jong-un will attack during the Olympic Games in South Korea.

There are a number of ways to gauge just how bad things are going as it relates to North Korea and the unrest that they are spreading all over the globe. The whole world seems bumfuzzled when it comes to how to deal with Kim Jong-un. His hate-filled nuclear weapons program has yet to lead to an attack on anyone, but the fallout from this is as real as if he had already attacked when it comes to worrying and trepidation.

Nowhere is this more obvious to see than in the latest news published today by Page Six. They write that NBC and their staffers “are gun-shy about volunteering to work at the upcoming 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games” due to the ongoing “tensions” in Asia. Even games meant to promote unity and peace are places to fear in our modern world of chaos.

In other years, these staffers have been excited about the event. However, this year the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and is the topic of whispers about nuclear Armageddon and warfare.

Fears about the plans of Kim Jong-un (pictured) are making many not want to attend the Winter Olympics.

They usually all want to sign up for the Olympics, but they’re afraid to get nuked,” confessed one source. While they are wise to harbor such concerns, if they are working at NBC studios anywhere along the coast of the U.S., the risk was already just as real before the Olympics even began.

Another insider said, “If NBC News employees have concerns about attending, they are not required to go, as was the policy with [the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016] and Zika fears.

One person with NBC accidentally flew to North Korea instead of South Korea, so clearly, not everyone is on the same page there.

At the end of the day, Kim Jong-un is a terrorist. Therefore, to not attend the games due to fear of an attack from North Korea is to allow terror to win, and that is not something that we want to start setting up a precedent for.

A the games begin, all of the actions needs to be covered or we hand a huge victory to North Korea.

That means that if the games are to be held in South Korea, then the news out of S.K. needs to be covered as if the fat man was not sitting with his finger on the “LAUNCH” button.

It means that the world must keep turning and living even if one despot in the Hermit Kingdom detests the whole affair. He sees himself as a god but the rest of the world has the responsibility to bring him down a few pegs by just living our lives.

To do otherwise is to concede far more than any American needs to be willing to give up.

Source: Page Six