Kav Bombshell Implodes

PUBLISHED: 4:13 PM 2 Oct 2018

NBC Runs Hit Piece On Kavanaugh Texts, Omits Crucial Facts

NBC claims Kavanaugh texted people to defend him, but the witnesses claims are apparently so unverified the FBI has refused to investigate.

Senate releases executive summary report on Kavanaugh.

NBC News published a self-described “bombshell” report on Monday night claiming Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh‘s team had been sending text messages to former classmates to refute the numerous suspicious claims that have been made against the Judge.

NBC seemed to framed the report to smear Kavanaugh and portray him as tampering with potential witnesses. However, buried deep in the report is the fact that Deborah Ramirez, one of the accusers, was also calling former classmates with questions about the alleged incident. In fact, the ‘texts’ could have simply been a result of the Ramirez contact.

NBC implied that Kavanaugh was guilty and a liar; yet, the liberal outlet asserted there was nothing wrong with Ramirez literally doing the exact same thing.

Ramirez, who is one of three women on record to levy flimsy allegations against Kavanaugh, claimed the SCOTUS nominee exposed himself to her at a party in 1983.

She does not allege that he sexually assaulted her or anyone, only that he apparently pulled down his own pants at a party almost 40 years ago.

Kerry Berchem, who attended Yale University with both Ramirez and Kavanaugh, provided NBC with text messages allegedly showing that the Judge’s team was reaching out to former classmates about the allegations against him from Ramirez.

Berchem allegedly spoke with Karen Yarasavage, another friend of Kavanaugh, and they said the Judge’s team was inquiring about Ramirez’s allegations that were going to be featured in a Sept. 23 story for the New Yorker.

NBC framed its report as if Kavanaugh was tampering with witnesses and lied about when he first learned about Ramirez’s allegations. During his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday, Kavanaugh testified that he first learned about Ramirez’s weak allegations around the time of the New Yorker story.

NBC falsely asserted that he lied, and takes his testimony out of context to allege that Kavanaugh said he had learned of Ramirez’s allegations after the New Yorker story. Kavanaugh explicitly testified that he learned of the allegations “around” the time of the New Yorker report.

Perhaps refusing to allow facts to get in the way of its smear campaign, NBC only admits toward the end of the story that Ramirez also told the New Yorker that she had been “calling around to classmates trying to see if they remembered it.”

The liberal outlet appeared to desperately want its readers to believe Kavanaugh lied under oath and was carrying out a nefarious plot behind the scenes to intimidate former classmates.

Kavanaugh called former classmates and asked them about the allegations against him, a move many argue shows that he has absolutely no memory of them and wanted to ask others about it.

When the classmates told Kavanaugh that they do not remember what Ramirez alleges, the Judge asked them to defend him publicly. What’s wrong with him wanting witnesses to defend his name against obvious smears?

NBC also fails to report that Ramirez told the New Yorker that she had “significant gaps in her memories” regarding the alleged college party, that she could not remember specific information or the alleged person, and that she was “inebriated” during the event.

Like many of the self-described media bombshells, this story also turned out to be a total dud.

Kavanaugh inquired information from former classmates, NBC smeared him and reported he lied. Ramirez, who admitted she was drunk during the party and has hardly accused Kavanaugh of anything serious at all, also said she reached out to people to recall the event, but NBC didn’t bat an eye.