France Vax Mandatory

PUBLISHED: 2:54 PM 14 Jul 2021

Nazism Emerges: France Makes Vaccine Mandatory for Work, Worship, Shop, Travel

Pay attention…. This is nothing short of complete slavery.

Scary. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In France, all individual liberties are gone… unless you accept a deadly and experimental vaccine.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

Many Americans will look at yesterday’s dictates from French President Emmanuel Macron and shrug, saying: “It’s France and doesn’t matter to me.”  To those voices I would suggest you pay really close attention.  As we learned from the Charles Rivkin Project, the U.S. State Department and French government collaborate on cultural and social issues as they relate to government orders.

Recently American media, specifically CNN, who is the official PR campaign arm of the U.S. Department of State, have said, “Life needs to be harder for non-vaccinated Americans” (link). Yesterday, President Emmanuel Macron ruled that all French citizens must be vaccinated in order to shop, eat at restaurants, drink in bars, travel (use buses, trains, etc.), attend worship services or otherwise engage in life.

This announcement is a complete reversal from the prior French government position of not forcing vaccinations.  Now the French government is requiring businesses to inspect COVID passports (“sanitation IDs”) before they allow anyone into their business.   The media in France are very leftist and push the vaccine narrative, yet even they are shocked at the announcement.

I have no doubt, none whatsoever, that French officials and U.S. officials are closely discussing this approach in closed-door meetings.  France is being used as a test ground in a similar way the Rivkin Project was deployed.

Despite the wide social differences, at their core French nationalists are close in ideological alignment to Americans.  France is one of the few states left in Western Europe with the remnant of a national consciousness.

Keep a close eye on this…. it would not surprise me to see the U.S. government watching the French public reaction to gauge whether they too can begin a similar dictate.