Times Hates Jews

PUBLISHED: 1:24 PM 30 Apr 2019
UPDATED: 5:27 PM 30 Apr 2019

Nazi Propaganda Reborn: NY Times Doubles Down On Jewish Hate

Only a few people recognize or understand that these actions are the same foundation stones that Hitler used to develop the germs of bigotry and hate which resulted in the death of six million, and the New York Times is guilty of the same propaganda… could its actions have helped spur the San Diego shooter?

This is outrageous!

After being finally forced to ‘apologize’ for printing a cartoon last week that closely resembled one published in 1940’s Nazi Germany, the New York Times doubled down on their hatred of Israel and printed another anti-Semitic cartoon.

Some people are making the connection of recent hate crimes to the blatant hatred being printed as a matter of course and hate-filled rhetoric by Democrats like Beto.

Breitbart News reported:

This second cartoon depicts Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu wearing a robe and holding up what looks like a tablet with the Star of David on it. It depicts Netanyahu as blind and holding a selfie stick, taking a photo of himself.

But the second cartoon was roundly criticized by the pro-Israel community.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt ripped the Times for printing it:

…As did several pro-Israel media outlets and political leaders:

The second cartoon was published on the opinion pages of the international edition of the New York Times on Saturday in print.

It comes after the Times previously, last Thursday on those same pages, printed an anti-Semitic cartoon that the paper retracted on Saturday morning.

That original anti-Semitic cartoon depicted a blind President Donald Trump wearing a skullcap being led by Netanyahu, who was portrayed as a dog on a leash whose collar bore the Star of David.

As some experts have pointed out, that first cartoon has striking resemblance to a literal Nazi propaganda cartoon from 1940 that showed a Jewish mean on a leash leading British Prime Minister Winston Churchill around.

The Times was roundly criticized for publishing that first cartoon, and less than two full days after originally publishing it, the newspaper retracted it and admitted it was anti-Semitic and an “error of judgment to publish it.”

“A political cartoon in the international print edition of The New York Times on Thursday included anti-Semitic tropes, depicting the prime minister of Israel as a guide dog with a Star of David collar leading the president of the United States, shown wearing a skullcap,” the initial editor’s note on Saturday retracting the image reads.

“The image was offensive, and it was an error of judgment to publish it. It was provided by The New York Times News Service and Syndicate, which has since deleted it.”

Notably, that first statement did not include any apology–and did not include any specific details about who was responsible, whether there any consequences – up to and including whether the people responsible for this still work at the Times, and what structural issues exist on this front inside the Times newsroom–so the Times came under even more criticism over the next day or so.

So the Times then came out late Sunday with a second statement on the first anti-Semitic cartoon issuing an actual apology this time, and blaming the incident on a single editor and a lack of proper editorial oversight process–promising “significant changes”–and said the newspaper was conducting a mass internal investigation into what happened and who was responsible:

“We are deeply sorry for the publication of an anti-Semitic political cartoon last Thursday in the print edition of The New York Times that circulates outside of the United States, and we are committed to making sure nothing like this happens again,” the New York Times said in its second statement.

“Such imagery is always dangerous, and at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide, it’s all the more unacceptable. We have investigated how this happened and learned that, because of a faulty process, a single editor working without adequate oversight downloaded the syndicated cartoon and made the decision to include it on the Opinion page. The matter remains under review, and we are evaluating our internal processes and training. We anticipate significant changes.”

[Spokeswoman] Danielle Rhoades-Ha has not replied when asked by Breitbart News repeatedly whether the Times will make all of its internal investigation findings public, including underlying documents like emails and text messages.

She has similarly not answered when asked the identity of the specific editor the Times now says is responsible for that first antisemitic cartoon, and whether that person still works for the Times and if so, whether that person has faced any other consequences short of termination for this admitted lapse in editorial judgment.

However, this is the same sort of hate that was encouraged and presented to the world under Nazi rule. The editors at the Times apparently have their agenda and will only pause in it long enough to do some meager damage control before moving along to the next atrocity.

Lawmakers and officials have pointed out the supreme hypocrisy that would attend the same treatment of a democrat leader.

For example, what if a major outlet had published a picture of Obama as a dog? The outcry and responses would permeate the major outlets, who would call for the person’s immediate doxing, firing, and public shaming.

Where is the public shaming for the Times?

In another new post, Breitbart reported the response from the Israeli Ambassador for the United States:

The Israeli ambassador to the United States minced no words while criticizing the New York Times as a home for antisemitism in American media in a speech on Monday.

“We have… seen one of the world’s most prestigious newspapers become a cesspool of hostility towards Israel that goes well beyond any legitimate criticism of a fellow, imperfect democracy,” Ron Dermer said in his Monday speech honoring Holocaust Remembrance Day, according to the Times of Israel.

“The same New York Times that a century ago mostly hid from their readers the Holocaust of the Jewish people has today made its pages a safe space for those who hate the Jewish state,” Dermer added. “Through biased coverage, slanderous columns and anti-Semitic cartoons, its editors shamefully choose week after week to cast the Jewish state as a force for evil.”

Dermer is absolutely correct.

Perhaps emboldened by the Muslims who are now controlling the democrat House, maybe the NY Times feels that it can continue to spew its hate-filled, inflammatory rhetoric without a hitch?

Regardless, the fact remains that unless the world opens its eyes and does something, the same ancient evil is growing and will accomplish its design… death.

Of course, because of the backlash, the Times is now pretending to care, they have suspended the publication of all future syndicated political cartoons in its international print edition, spokeswoman Eileen Murphy confirmed late Monday.