PUBLISHED: 4:17 PM 26 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 4:24 PM 26 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Navy Reports ‘Unusual’ Warship Movement In Atlantic, Shadow And Monitor CONFIRMED

Putin (pictured) caused great concern in the U.K. with his recent actions.

Putin (pictured) caused great concern in the U.K. with his recent actions.

Those who feel that there is not a new Cold War happening, one that is rapidly developing into the same dire state that the first one had, is not paying attention. The Washington Post has confirmed that Russian warships, famous for testing U.S. waters just as Russian jets have taunted American forces, are up to no good again as the world faced great instability during the worlds most joyous holiday.

There was a severe lacking of goodwill towards man as a British ship was forced to escort “a Russian vessel as it passed near UK territorial waters over Christmas, Britain’s defense ministry.” has confirmed, according to Yahoo News. It is said that such dangerous activity on behalf of the former Soviet state has increased over the Christmas season.

Russia has a reputation for being an Orthodox Christian nation, yet much like the Fourth of July taunting of Obama that saw Russian ships in U.S.  waters a few years ago, Putin often uses times of worship and celebration to act anything but godly.

This was the scene on Christmas day in the Atlantic thanks to Russia.

Reuters reports that the “frigate HMS St Albans departed on Dec. 23” to follow the movement of a Russian warship called the “Admiral Gorshkov.” It was in the North Sea and it was monitored over the Christmas holiday.

Following the irresponsible Russian display, UK defense minister Gavin Williamson said that “not hesitate in defending our waters or tolerate any form of aggression.”

UK foreign minister Boris Johnson has already addressed concerns about Russia’s “meddling” in the world’s elections. He had hoped to see relations “normalize” with Putin, but in light of this, that option does not seem to be playing out for him.

A vessel named the b “HMS Tyne” is known to have been “called to escort a Russian intelligence-gathering ship through the North Sea and the English Channel on Christmas Eve.” Worse still, a helicopter was dispatched to keep an eye on two other forboding Russian ships.

Putin and much of Russia are known to be Orthodox Christians. Unfortunately, this does not convey in the way that Putin acts on days of holy worship and reverence.

Why is Russia acting more like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and threatening global peace instead of acting like the growing and prospering nation which they claim to be? Putin’s excuse about NATO on his border can only go so far.

He uses that excuse to justify every wrong that he commits and sooner or later, regardless of if he likes it or not, he may live to regret such actions.

Sadly, so may the rest of us.

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