PUBLISHED: 8:22 PM 28 Jun 2018

Navy Hero NASCAR Driver Saves A Family Of Four

If it were not for him, they have burned alive.

He is loved by families on the track and saves families off of the track.

Jesse Iwuji is a hero. The U.S. Navy Lt. is also a sports hero in the world of NASCAR where he is a popular driver. In an amazing incident, Fox News has reported that he “helped a family escape a flaming minivan on the side of a California interstate on Sunday.”

After a weekend at the Sonoma Raceway, while traveling on Interstate 5, the Navy man noticed a minivan on fire and smelled the acrid aroma. There was a family of four inside the vehicle and Iwuji managed to get them out before the vehicle was engulfed in flames, as a later Twitter video shows was the end result. This would have been an excruciating death. “I was just doing what I think was the right thing to do,” the racer told NASCAR (dot com).

It was no easy task, either.

The father was trying to save the family’s belongings and Iwugi had to yank him away from the rapidly growing inferno.

We got away and just right after that, the engine just burst into flames,” recalled the famous driver. “From there, it then went into the front seat, then into the back seat, then it got to the fuel cell area and the whole thing erupted.”

As for being a hero, Iwugi said simply, “Don’t be a passerby.

He added, “Go help if you see something wrong. Don’t just drive by with your cell phone and record it; stop and help. That was the main reason, to really show people that you can do your small part. It has nothing to do with trying to be a hero or anything like that. You just do the right thing.”

It is hoped that the family did not lose anything like photos or other items which can not be replaced. By far and away, those kinds of trinkets are the hardest things to see burn away.

If so, at least they managed to escape with what matters the most.

Now, it just remains to be seen where this NASCAR Navy hero is going to show up next.