PUBLISHED: 6:51 PM 8 Nov 2016
UPDATED: 7:53 PM 20 Oct 2017

NATO: 300,000 Troops Now On HIGH ALERT

Confirmed by the Daily Express, NATO placed 300,000 troops on “high alert” amidst fears that conflict with Russia could break out.

We have so much corruption in our country, other nations are chomping at the bit to infiltrate America and take it over. Democratic government officials don’t mind either- they gladly sell pieces of America to the highest bidder.

This is an extremely dangerous situation for Americans to be in.

Russian authorities have been accused of attempting to diverge the democratic process of the US presidential election by hacking into Democrat emails and sharing findings with vigilante publishers such as Julian Assange of WikiLeaks–but there is absolutely no hard evidence to support these desperate claim by Liberals.

Russians most likely have nothing to do with this, but what if they did? Maybe Russians don’t want a corrupt leader running America? Maybe Russians don’t want war? Maybe they’re just generally tired of corruption within our American liberal government- Hillary Clinton did, after all, sell Russia 20% of American uranium while she got $145,000,000 to her “charity.” Maybe all of the above?

America has a democratic president that does a “disappearing act” for lawsuits against social media sites (like Facebook) and protects them from getting sued. He has Google executives teaching ‘intersectionality’ as a national security crisis.

President Obama promotes open borders and allows Muslims to pour into our nation without any screening (meanwhile we have homeless veterans on our streets). He refuses to fix a deteriorated fence along the Mexican border and permits illegal aliens to wade through the Rio Grande to American shores.

Obama allows the mainstream media to report false news to fulfill Liberals objectives.

He also has FEMA camps set up- once thought to be a conspiracy, turned into reality:

President Obama is setting America up for a war, he’s just blinding the public from it. This is where all of this is heading- war on an international scale. reports, “Mr Stoltenberg told the Times: “We have also seen Russia using propaganda in Europe among Nato allies and that is exactly the reason why Nato is responding. We are responding with the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense since the end of the Cold War.”

“If it’s Hillary, it’s war,” says Vladimir Putin. If Donald Trump wins, he’s been slated so badly that it might hurt his worldly presence, although Trump has proven he can hold his own.

Why are they pushing so hard to go to war with Russia? Donald Trump wants to create peace with Russia. Meanwhile, liberals that are in power are pushing for war. Who is the real warmonger, here?

“Adam Thomson, the outgoing permanent representative to Nato, estimates that at present, it would take the military alliance 180 days to deploy a force of 300,000, and that speeding up this rate is of top importance.” continues.

300,000 troops deployed at the fastest rate possible? How does this not lead to disaster?

They can’t round up a bunch of people and rush them through military training after the initial 300,000 are deployed. This is not a solution. They are leading us to be slaughtered- they are leading us to bloodshed.

So, war is imminent. If we continue to keep the democratic powers at play in office, we will be facing war.

“The measures come in response to Russia flexing its military might abroad, allegedly conducting cyber attacks on Washington and holding nuclear war drills at home.” concludes.

These are allegations, not proven fact- we are seriously going to open a can of worms and risk countless lives simply because they “think”? There is obviously something lingering under the surface that government officials are keeping from the general public.

All of this because Russia held a military drill 150 miles away from Nato’s emergency drill and Russia is also accused of hacking emails belonging to corrupt Democrats? Is this really the best response? To cover up corruption, yes.

Hillary Clinton will be 100 times worse than President Obama.

Do Americans want jobs back? Do Americans want a better day-to-day life? Do Americans want to avoid war? Donald Trump is more than just a candidate- he represents each and every American who wants and respects their rights and free-will. We all need to stand together now if we want to keep our country.

War generates money- not for us, but for the people in charge of our nation. They have been planning an extremely large war for the past eight years, bringing pieces to the puzzle, bit by bit, into our nation. UN war tanks here, a few gas chambers there, FEMA camps and coffins over there.. we are going to war if we continue down this path, allowing liberals to remain in power.

Donald J. Trump is the voice of our citizens. We do not want war- we do not want to lose our freedoms. We do not want to live in poverty nor do we want our first female president to have cheated her way into office.

As a woman, I want my first American female president to win her candidacy fair and square. As a woman, I want to see that poor excuse of one locked away in prison for all of her heinous crimes. As a woman, I fully support Donald J. Trump.

This is our last stance, America. Our last opportunity to do away with corruption caused by the DNC and focus on fixing issues that matter.

Today is the day- are you going to vote for our rights as Americans and support Trump or are you going to throw away what little freedoms we have left and let a criminal with stats comparable to a leader of a third world nation step up to bat?