Obamacare Drinking

PUBLISHED: 10:50 PM 30 Apr 2018

National Research Bureau Finds Deadly Obamacare “Increase”

The findings were gleaned from a massive study, spanning a number of universities along with the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Many people may now wonder if the very people who supported Obamacare are not also sauced.

For years, people have heard the old excuse, “the devil made me do it.” Well, at least when it comes to tipping the bottle too often, now “Obamacare made me do it,” can be added, and it may not just because of high costs and dreadful care, as PJ Media has confirmed.

We find relatively robust evidence that the ACA increased risky drinking,” states a new report from the National Bureau of Economic Research. The work is called “The Affordable Care Act on Health Behaviors After Three Years” and “was written by researchers from Georgia State University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Kentucky, and Maryland-based analysis firm Impaq International.”

The research was conducted to ascertain how risks increased or decreased based on the ACA. Each year from 2011 to 2016, “the researchers collected data on more than 300,000 adults aged 19-64 years.” This covered they years that it took for Obamacare to become law.

Risky behavior” was trending upwards during the first three years and only got worse from there. “We observe only one statistically significant [risky behavior] effect of the full ACA: a 1.6 percentage point increase in the probability of being a risky drinker,” the report found.

This represents a sizeable 7.4 percent increase relative to the sample mean,” the findings also confirm.

It is said to be more than “statistical noise” which has led to “average rate of risky drinking” soaring “to 23.1 percent, up 1.6 percentage points after the ACA launched,” as well. The drinking rate increased because of the ACA itself, not the increase in Medicaid.

Smoking decreased under Obamacare, which is one of the few positive findings to be observed in the study. There were also more “check-ups, pap tests, mammograms, and HIV tests” reported, too.

So why did people hit the bottle more and harder once the ACA arrived?

The nightmare of red tape was the theory put forth by PJ Media. It could also be that people are taking their care for granted now, trusting the government to come through for them with some magical breakthrough.

It is hard to say why, but the facts show clearly what is taking place. At the end of the day, it is hard to find much about Obamacare that worked very well at all.

This to growing clearer to more and more people. Socialized medicine only increases problems, it doesn’t solve them.