National Anthem Banned

PUBLISHED: 11:45 PM 14 Feb 2018

National Anthem Banned At California High School Rallies

The decision was based on a phrase in the rarely-played 3rd verse.

Liberalism has taken over a California school where the 'racist' national anthem is now banned.

The American flag and national anthem have been recently disgraced, thanks to professional football and other liberal protests. Most recently, the national anthem is being banned from a California school.

At California High School in San Ramon in the San Francisco Bay area, student leaders have successfully banned the patriotic song for the remainder of the year, calling it “outdated and racially offensive.”

The concern about the song’s stance towards equality arose when students read the entirety of the song and determined it was inappropriate to represent the school, as the third verse reads “No refuge could save the hireling or slave, From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.”

The Associated Student Body, on behalf of Ariyana Kermanizadeh, reported that it was planning for the winter rally when leaders began discussing the third verse of the Star Spangled Banner and came to the decision that it would not be played at the event or any others for the remaining school year.

They claimed it would foster a more inclusive environment and wanted to be respectful of all students.

The national anthem has four verses, and the first one is usually the only one sung, as most people do not know the remaining three. California High School student leaders acknowledge this but say that the third verse reflects poorly on the rest of the song.

“The entire song is tainted,” says Kermanizadeh.

Instead of considering that the song reads as it does because it was written years ago, the angry students claim that it is too old to still be relevant.

“This song was written in 1814. That was written 204 years ago. Imagine all the traditions and laws that have changed…so must our traditions.”

A leadership advisor at the school, Erin McFerrin explains that “racial graffiti” vandalized the campus the previous year and that the song promotes the same hateful ideas.

Illustrating the students’ ignorance, she said, “We didn’t really know why we were doing [the national anthem during] the rally, so we just thought it was something maybe we could take out.”

Unsurprisingly, considering the location of the school, most the student body is in favor of the decision for the anthem to be omitted from school events but some are indifferent to it.

High school senior Amir Udler, however, does not agree with the decision, saying, “It comes from a very disrespectful place” when interviewed by a school newspaper reporter. Being a patriotic student, he continues that removing the anthem is disrespectful for “the vast majority of the school who loves the country.”

Another senior, Dennis Fiorentinos expressed that the anthem should be played in honor of fallen veterans.

Unable to find support from enough students to overthrow the decision, Fiorentinos reached out to northern California news sources including Fox News and ABC. In an interview, he suggests that if such a decision is going to be made about the national anthem at school events, then it should be voted on and not just consider “what leadership students want.”

Despite negative feedback about removing the anthem, the Associated Student Body ensured that the ban was upheld throughout the winter event.

Assistant Principal Kathleen Martins claims that administrators were not informed of the decision to omit the song during the winter rally, however, it is possible they did not want to get involved and are allowing student leaders to run the school.

Students on the forum added that their school is not the only institution which has done away with the National Anthem, but that the National Advancement of Colored People California chapter is working to have the ‘racist’ song abolished nationwide.

Regardless of how many American individuals and organizations consider the national anthem offensive, it is still a ridiculous suggestion to ban the country’s traditional song.

The offended students were obviously seeking a reason to ban the song, as they admitted that most of them were unaware of the third verse until recently.

Sensitive liberals are focusing more on banning a few words than trying to do something about inequality in the nation. If anything, they are creating more of a divide between opposing views, as America is not short on patriots who would proudly defend the flag and national anthem.

So far, the American flag still flies at the California school, but that is likely to be scrutinized next. The students making decisions on behalf of all fellow classmates appear to be under the impression that things can simply be banned if a few do not approve. While unrealistic, they are in for a surprise after high school.

The national anthem is an American tradition, and while written long ago, it still represents pride and love for the nation and its people. Liberals are missing out on celebrating how far the country has come throughout history to become a ‘land of opportunity’ for all, as they continue to find things to become upset about.