PUBLISHED: 7:51 PM 6 Feb 2017

NASA and NOAA ‘Scientists’ Make Slip In Climate Data, Revealing Complete EPA Scam From 2016


NOAH (pictured here) is nothing but a paid for group of scam artists who works for an agenda, not for science.

When Climategate happened, being a ghastly collection of lies and cover-ups that showed “scientists” emailing about how to dupe the world into accepting the known lie of man-made global warming, those in the religion of climate change said that it was just a fluke. It was but a one-time thing, and after all, most of the scientists in the world agree on the matter. The greens of the world were saying that every group of people have liars who would skew data for grants and funding, but that it was in no way the norm, so keep paying taxes and don’t ask questions.

Now it seems that the “fluke” has happened again. Many on the sane and factual side of science have long found a scam being displayed by the fact that for all intents and purposes, NOAH and the EPA could be the very same entity. When we see a government agency (or more) that gets money from any concocted and made up bit of garbage science around, we see that these agencies can get this data by being the ones who fund the “research proving how bad things are” from that funding, then how can anyone NOT see that the global warming agenda is nothing but a paid for hoax?


While funny, the best humor is based in fact, which is what NOAH has been exposed to have been doing by skewing data to further hose the public for funds for a global warming lie.

If this seems like a conspiracy theory, please don’t start with the overused jokes about tin foil hats that were only half-funny a decade ago because NOAH has just been caught purposefully altering the data on global warming. Dr. John Bates is the latest to blow the whistle on the dishonest dealings of NOAH by admitting that the agency (of liars) knowingly hurried a report showing that the planet was heating up much faster than was accurate. They did this to help promote their agenda (and get funding) when talks on climate change arose on the world stage.

The left is always doing things like this, such as when a person defaces their own house and blames it on a racist who never existed. When the hoaxer is caught they often say that while this did not really happen, it was still for the greater good to bring awareness to the issue of racism. Never mind that there is not enough real racism for this to happen very often, thankfully, as long over 100 people in the last decade keep doing it, good will somehow come of it. Therefore, according to Democrats, since there was no warming, it is best to lie so that the warming can be stopped.


Doltish scientists who went to study climate change were stuck in the ice…ice which they said was not there and was the reason for the study.

Dr. Bates says that the work was, “to discredit the notion of a global warming hiatus and rush to time the publication of the paper to influence national and international deliberations on climate policy.” Really let that sink in deeply; so-called scientists on the government dole, paid from the taxpayers, begin research with the preconceived agenda of discrediting “the notion of a global warming hiatus” instead of approaching the issue as science must. Science is to seek facts, not lie to the citizens paying them so that they can be stolen from by taxes and U.N. orders for a phenomenon that is simply not happening.

Dr. Bates went on and said that scientists from NOAH made a “blatant attempt to intensify the impact” of global warming to eliminate the “pause” in temperature rise since 1998.  Bates has showed other “irrefutable evidence” that NOAA’s study used “unverified data” In terms that the average man can understand, “the planet has not warmed since 1998 so we are going to lie so that we can keep getting paid from the masses who are too dumbed down from their tax-funded public education to know any better.” This is the way that NOAH and the worshippers of the Church of Climate Change think of and disrespect the great lot of us. We are nothing more than a stolen ATM card to them.


The facts are that there is not PAUSE, but that is no CAUSE, BECAUSE…global warming is a hoax.

To his credit, Dr. Bates at least was a noble man who did his best and whose credibility if now forever intact to those who honor and cherish real science. Those over him scoffed and/or ignored his pleas for honesty and went instead with the intended and purposefully inaccurate motive of putting out fake science so that the global warming and tax happy agenda could be furthered.

These words are spelled out in Agenda 21, a dreadfully bad United Nations plot to steal the freedoms, sovereignty, and dignity of the West and bring it like a chained slave into New World Order control. This is the one world government that George H.W. Bush spoke of and the deception that MANY leaders have said is “needed” to get the people to go along with the lie.

In this case that meant ramming the false science through by the time that the Paris Summit on the Tooth Fairy Global Warming was to happen. A hero of the people,  Texas representative Lamar Smith wisely subpoenaed NOAH records and was mocked for the action, something which now only makes the mockers look foolish. Smith had accurately deduced that NOAH and the Karl Report that “proved” global warming were nothing short of bunk science.


Trump has openly mocked the global warming lie, even thankfully taking down the “Climate Change” page that was full of lies and leftist propaganda mixed with fake science, in part, from NOAH.

Perhaps it is good that the left is so addicted to this lie of man-influenced climate change. The left is blind to the many studies that show that the sun is causing much of this, a fact known from years of research prior to the recent agenda driven hysteria that we see today. Other than life extinction events, like the poor dinosaurs saw where a meteor wiped them out, massive volcano eruptions, etc, ALL major changes in climate have been caused by the sun.

Then again, we can not expect the left and Democrats to look up and see the sun any more than we can expect them to stop saying brainless statements such as “climate change is the biggest threat to humanity,” which the Karl Report says. This, as ISIS is lopping off heads, burning people alive in cages, and throwing men from skyscrapers. This as Russia and U.S. talk about nuclear war and as our economy dies as if blighted.

The Karl Report doubled the data about rising sea levels and only when caught later adjusted the “facts.” Satellites showed no warming trend and known layouts from hundreds of years prior (known due to mapping and seafarers) when laid over current maps show that the ice caps are not melting, either. Only after caught has NOAH admitted the “error.”

This speaks volumes about the dishonesty and unreliability of those in the global warming crowd. Just as taking down Trump matters more to the left than seeing America rise again, so is picking our pockets and controlling our lives worth more than actual scientific fact.