Pelosi Loses Control On CNN

PUBLISHED: 7:12 PM 30 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 7:13 PM 30 Jan 2018

Nancy Pelosi Loses It On Dem-Friendly CNN Host

She is one major reason the Party cannot get it together.

Nancy Pelosi was not at all concerned with 'national security' during President George W. Bush's administration. She only became concerned when President Obama began to set national security policy.

Many Democrats have not responded well to news that a memo outlining the abuse of FISA courts and surveillance programs by President Obama’s Department of Justice to spy on political opponents will be released to the public.  However, some reacted in more ridiculous ways than others, and Nancy Pelosi’s reaction has been among the most ridiculous thus far.

After the vote to release the memo passed, Nancy Pelosi went on the Democrat-friendly CNN to speak with Democrat-friendly Chris Cuomo.  When pressed about the document, she simply fell apart.

Chris Cuomo, known for being soft on the Democrats that appear on his show, spoke with Congresswoman Pelosi about the memo and its release.

When asked about her opinion of the memo, Pelosi claimed it was a “total misrepresentation,” and that the memo about abuses of power by intelligence officials should be reviewed by intelligence officials before its release to the public.

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi hopes that intelligence officials get the chance to redact everything of value before the memo is ever seen by the public.

Nancy also decided to blame Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes (who assembled this document), claiming that they were engaged in a ‘coverup.’  That’s an interesting claim for the women who demanded that the intelligence community be able to redact the document to make.

She repeatedly said that the document is a ‘coverup’, but also referenced it as a ‘distraction.’  She also suggested that she could not talk about the contents and that it was a distraction from the government shutdown (which ended last week).

Nancy Pelosi repeatedly claimed that the memo would undermine ‘national security,’ saying that her issues with the release are about “people in the intelligence community.”

To be frank, Nancy Pelosi’s claims against the memo and the release of the memo were broad and far-reaching, and none of them made much sense.

It seemed less like Pelosi had a real reason to not allow the memo to be released, and more like she feared the memo would reveal the political nature of the federal government under President Barack Obama.

Chris Cuomo continued on, asking Nancy Pelosi why the head of the Federal Bureau of INTELLIGENCE, Director Christopher Wray, has not objected to the document’s release.  After all, Director Wray is the head of the FBI, and he didn’t find its release reckless.

Nancy Pelosi’s response was to tell Cuomo that “with all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about right now.”  More of the elitism and snobbery that Nancy Pelosi is known for, tinged with fear over the contents.

At this point, Nancy Pelosi completely lost control of the interview, and her answers slowly devolved into absurdity, mixed with meandering and pointless responses.

She repeatedly attempted to avoid talking about the contents of the memo, instead of attempting to slam Republicans for the tax reform bill, for not spending as much money as she would like on infrastructure, and for not kowtowing to Democrat demands on illegal immigration.

But remember, as Nancy Pelosi said, this memo has nothing to do with Republicans versus Democrats.

It’s interesting to see that Nancy Pelosi suddenly cares about national security.  Sure, she has a long history of voting to allow the intelligence community to do whatever they want (as her recent vote on Section 702 of FISA showed), but that rarely translated into concern about the security of the nation.

She also attempts to claim that no one has ever released such information before, suggesting that she slept through the entire Obama presidency.  In 2009, President Obama released three months into his first term, a massive treasure trove of information.

That information concerned Central INTELLIGENCE Agency methods and tactics.  Those tactics weren’t being used on Americans on American soil, either; they were being used against alleged foreign combatants in foreign lands.

It has been widely speculated that Obama’s release of the information was done to continue the DNC’s policy of attempting to cast former President George W. Bush as an evil fascist.  The memos put ongoing operations at risk and put CIA agents at risk as well.  Even some military personnel were put at risk thanks to that decision.

It seems much more likely that Nancy Pelosi fears a simple four-page memo not because it is going to undermine American national security, but because it highlights the politicization of an out-of-control clandestine intelligence apparatus.

This apparatus could be easily used to spy on political enemies by the party in power, making it little better than the Komitet operated by the USSR.

If there is evidence of such abuse, the American people have every right to be made aware of it.  Such evidence would serve to further highlight the need for a reform of the government’s power to spy on U.S. citizens, the exact opposite of what Nancy Pelosi has voted for.

It would also be the biggest government scandal since Watergate if a political party used government intelligence agencies to assail their opposition.

The memo will be released in the near future.  We should all be excited to see its contents, especially if the contents rendered Nancy Pelosi so fearful that she was barely able to speak.