Pelosi Trapped

PUBLISHED: 5:09 PM 25 Apr 2018

Nancy Pelosi Confronted By Georgetown Student

The student explained that the tax cut helped his family pay for their mortgage and his education.

Far from feeling nervous, the student told the House Minority Leader that as the son of small business owners, the tax cuts helped his parents to hire more employees.

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi experienced another shameful moment in her career. She was confronted by a student over her infamous “crumbs” comments regarding the GOP tax cuts, so she did what she does best, she essentially lied to him in the most disturbing way.

It happened at the Georgetown University, where the young student brought up the numerous opportunities that the California democrat referred to the tax cuts as nothing more than crumbs for the American middle class.

Far from feeling nervous, the student told the House Minority Leader that as the son of small business owners, the tax cuts helped his parents to hire more employees.

In addition, he pointed out that the tax cuts have been so incredibly beneficial for him and his family that it helped them pay off their mortgage and helped “put me through college.”

Far from stopping there, the student also pointed out how almost every single study has shown that on a macroeconomic level the American economy has been growing, and how wages are rising for the first time in several years.

Pointing out this economic success, the student asked Pelosi if she would still refer to the effects of the GOP tax cuts on average Americans as crumbs.

After that, Pelosi decided that it was time to respond in the best way possible in order to control the damage that this question was already making.

The House Minority Leader said that while it is a fact that there are some benefits that some people are feeling in a “particular way,” her previous statement about the tax cuts was just a fuller statement that said that while the White House was providing a banquet to the top one percent, they were giving some crumbs to other people.

In addition to this insane response, she also tried to confront the student by asking if he knew that 83 percent of the benefits of the tax bill go exclusively to the top one percent.

Naturally, this was a very disgraceful move from Pelosi, given the fact that almost every single study has debunked this insane claim.

In addition to that question, Pelosi told the student that in the life of the bill, 86 million middle-class families will pay more taxes.

Moreover, the House Minority Leader claimed that was a really bad deal for the American people since the White House should have done much better in the bill, rather than big corporate American “getting the benefits they got.”

Furthermore, Pelosi told the young student that if any single person says that the bill is somehow helping the American middle class, that’s just “B.S.”

Also, she said that the Democratic Party will make its biggest effort to fight the law in the most efficient way, respecting that there “may be some advantages to some.”

Finally, Pelosi finished answering the question by thanking the young student and telling him that she’s “glad you’re benefiting from” the law.

Unsurprisingly, the whole moment was caught on camera and it became viral on social media almost immediately, with several users pointing out how disastrous this situation was for the House Minority Leader.

After all, in addition to the way she used the most disgusting narrative to respond a student’s question, what she said is essentially contrary to most analysis about the tax reform law.

Believe it or not, even some of the most powerful media outlets of the left reported that most Americans would receive a substantial tax cut.

One of these was the Washington Post, which pointed out in a very interesting article how a state-by-state analysis produced by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy showed that the vast majority of American citizens will get some kind of tax cut in the state of Missouri in the year 2019, but then as much of a third will experience tax increases in 2027 (after the cut runs out).

In addition, the article pointed out that the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy –which is known for being a liberal-leaning group- also explained that in the middle 20 percent of households, 90 percent would get an average tax cut of $830 in the year 2019, compared to 60 percent getting an average tax cut of $100 in 2027 or about a quarter per day.

While the success of the GOP tax cuts is out of the question, Pelosi and some other members of the Democratic Party have said that they would do major changes if they take back control of Congress.