PUBLISHED: 2:22 AM 27 Jan 2018

NAACP Sues Department Of Homeland Security For Racial Discrimination

They Claim That The President’s Remarks Make His Action Illegal.

The NAACP is suing over President Trump's supposed racism.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has long been active in suing the government on behalf of dark-skinned individuals.  They have no love for our current President, and now they are looking to use his statements about Haiti being a ‘s*******’ as the basis for a lawsuit.

The NAACP has filed suit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), stating that President Donald Trump’s negative comments about Haiti stand as evidence that his choice to end protections for 60,000 Haitian ‘immigrants’ is based on racial discrimination.

They filed their lawsuit on Wednesday, filing it in a Maryland federal court, and attempting to claim that the DHS didn’t follow the ‘normal’ decision-making process before deciding that they would not renew the temporary protected status for the Haitians who immigrated to the States since the 2010 earthquake.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that the government failed to review facts about conditions in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake, including Hurricane Matthew and the destruction it has wrought.

According to the NAACP lawsuit, the Department of Homeland Security instead sought to ‘bolster stereotypes’ about Haitians committing crimes and utilizing public assistance.

In November, President Donald J. Trump stated that Haitians would retain their special status until July of 2019 so that they will have an opportunity to get their affairs in order and to return home.

The NAACP’s lawsuit cites claims from the Associated Press in 2017 that suggest U.S. immigration officials attempted to find information on crimes committed by Haitians in the U.S. with protected status.

The report also searched for information on their rate of use for public assistance and various welfare programs, which they were allowed access to as part of the ‘protected’ status.

The NAACP lawsuit also quotes reports that claim President Donald Trump in 2017 said that ‘thousands’ of Haitians who came to the United States “all have AIDS.”

As evidence of President Trump’s alleged bias and discriminatory views, the NAACP presented reports that he used ‘vulgar language’ to ask why the country needed more people from “s******* countries,” and why they weren’t importing people from the first world instead.

The NAACP also quoted comments from President Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency, including when he suggested that many of the people Mexico was sending to the United States via illegal immigration were “bad hombres.”

NAACP lawyers also cited reports claiming that President Donald Trump pressured former acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Elaine Duke and other officials to rescind the protected status.

The lawsuit also stated that “President Trump has made clear that he wishes to reduce the number immigrants of color to the United States. The rescission of Haiti’s protected status is part of that agenda.”

The NAACP will not necessarily come out on top with this lawsuit, however.  There are many facets to consider.

Firstly, protected immigration status is usually at the pleasure of various executive agencies. If they decide to rescind it, that is the end.

Secondly, it is not racist to point out that the country of Haiti is generally awful.  The nation does little to nothing to improve itself, and the Haitian citizens in the United States send their money back home while making copious use of the American welfare system.

Thirdly, there is nothing wrong with investigating crime rates of people, especially those given special dispensation to be in the United States.  This is the same nonsensical viewpoint that has prevented much of Europe from admitting that it has a serious crime problem with its influx of Muslim ‘refugees.’

Sometimes, various ‘civil rights’ agencies involve themselves in lawsuits that they know they won’t win, simply so that they will be able to fundraise more effectively and get their name in the press.  This may well be what the NAACP is doing in this scenario, and if so, they’re likely to make quite a lot.

However, the truth is that President Donald Trump has fairly broad powers to set immigration policy, to decide who is worthy of ‘temporary protected status,’ and to take steps to ensure that the United States is not handing importing en masse people who will bring with them crime, violence, and other societal issues.

European nations are currently facing a migrant crisis that is causing multiple issues across the continent.  We would be wise to not follow in their footsteps.