PUBLISHED: 10:06 PM 6 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 10:28 PM 6 Dec 2017

N.Y. University Causes Outrage With Panel Expert, Like “KKK Forum On Civil Rights”

Sarsour (pictured right) is about to take her anti-Jewish views to a talk on Jewish relations.

Sarsour (pictured right) is about to take her anti-Jewish views to a talk on Jewish relations.

Linda Sarsour is a woman who has done many questionable things and yet, somehow, she is still seen as a force for good. She has used money raised for hurricane victims for other endeavors that the left endorses, as the Conservative Daily Post has shown in the past. She has even raised capital to help rebuild a defiled Jewish cemetery, but again, poof! The money is gone, the Forward also reported.

As if things could not get any more bizarre, Fox News is reporting that the at least semi-radical Muslim Sarsour is going to be working with a New York City school “hosting a panel on combating anti-Semitism.” This is like putting a K.K.K. member in charge of Black Lives Matters and the move has many Jews and others justifiably outraged. Some have even opined that this is akin to having a “K.K.K. on civil rights” as the comparisons kept coming!

New School is moving ahead with an event called “Anti-Semitism and the Struggle for Justice” and Sarsour has said, “nothing is creepier than Zionism.” Now certainly, there exists a difference between the Jewish religion and the neocon-leaning doctrine of Zionism, but that isn’t what she meant when she said it.

This hateful woman does not think that Jews should return to their rightful homeland of Israel and has praised the divisive and race-baiting Louis Farrakhan.

Making matters even worse if the fact that moderator Amy Goodman of Democracy Now has said, “When anti-Semitism is redefined as criticism of Israel, critics of Israeli policy become accused and targeted more than the growing far-right.” This means that the whole affair that is supposed to be about helping Jewish relations is all about indoctrinating people with leftist views instead.

The New School, which says it was founded on principles of tolerance, social justice, and free intellectual exchange,” Goodman told Fox. It is admitted that the school has “been contacted by several individuals who have expressed their concerns about the university’s participation.” Considering the absolutely ghastly collection of people running it, is this any surprise?

The New York Post has called this school a “fake panel…meant to promote Israel-bashing,” and that seems like an apt description. Likewise, the Jerusalem Post Editorial Board has accurately called the group a “forum of ‘antisemites on antisemitism.’’ They have also noted that the selecting these hateful people for such a talk “makes as much sense as a KKK forum on civil rights.”

The Anti-Defamation League has not ignored this insanity, either. “Having Linda Sarsour…leading a panel on #antisemitism is like Oscar Meyer leading a panel on vegetarianism,” said ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt in a tweet. “These panelists know the issue, but unfortunately, from the perspective of fomenting it rather than fighting it.”

United Nations Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer observed, “Asking Linda Sarsour to speak on antisemitism is like Rutgers making Assad spokesman Mazen Adi a professor on war crimes. Both are insane, both are happening.”

Just why is America and the West embracing such an evil Islamic mindset as fair-minded? The Conservative Daily Post has shown that Americans are even being told to adjust to terrorism so that the border doors can stay open to Muslims from dangerous nations!

Meanwhile, Rebecca Vilkomerson, “a panelist from left-wing Jewish Voice for Peace” called her point of view, “crucial.” She stated, “At a time of rising anti-Semitism, this is a crucial conversation both inside and outside the Jewish community. I am proud to be taking part with a set of panelists with proven track records of fighting antisemitism and all forms of racism.

When Sarsour raised money for the restoration of a defiled Jewish graveyard, the capital never made it to the Jews.

Thankfully, is not slumbering at the wheel and have issued a petition regarding New School. It says, “The institutionalization of the positions espoused by these panelists — through The New School’s official sponsorship of this noxious event — is itself systemic anti-Semitism.”

Our leaders are using our language against us by changing the words that we already use. “Liberal” now means that no one can speak freely, for instance. Now we are seeing this happening to the word, “anti-semitism,” as well.

Let us hope that we won’t be so easily fooled this time.

Source: The Conservative Daily PostThe ForwardFox News – The New York Post – Jerusalem Post Editorial Board