Trapped For 15 Years

PUBLISHED: 11:32 PM 8 Aug 2018

Mysticist Takes Advantage Of Local In Horrific Manner

A 'shaman' took advantage of a young child in a horrific way in Indonesia and continued to do so for years on end.

An Indonesian mysticist took advantage of a young woman and sexually assaulted her for fifteen years. Now, he only faces up to that many years in prison as a result of his crimes.

Indonesia is an interesting Asian nation located south of Malaysia and Thailand, and northwest of Australia. Its culture is a strange combination of modern Asian cultures, Islam, and local traditions, which blend to make it a popular nation in the region with expats from the English-speaking world.

The island nation also recently found itself home to a strange crime, committed by a man who was caught on Sunday. According to police in the area, an Indonesian shaman, or ‘witch doctor,’ was caught with a young girl hidden in a cave where she was sexually abused. Perhaps most horrible of all, this carried on for well over a decade.

Police found the elderly man, an 83-year-old ‘witch doctor’ who went by the name of ‘Jago,’ after they received an anonymous report that he was holding a young woman hostage in a cave.

The Tolitoli police officers found this ‘Jago’ with a young woman, identified only as HS, trapped in a crevice near large rocks close to Galumpang village.

According to Tolitoli Police Chief Muhammad Iqbal Alqudusy, in an interview he provided to the Jakarta Post, they found her in a gap between two rocks.

Chief Alqudusy also said that his police officers suspected she had been kept as a sex slave by Jago.

The 83-year-old shaman showed the woman, HS, a picture of a boy named Amrin, who, according to Chief Iqbal, she believed was her “boyfriend.”

At a news conference yesterday, the police chief said that the young woman was led to believe that “Amrin’s spirit” had entered the old shaman’s body.

The officers said that it was quite obvious to them that he was simply “satisfying his lust” in abusing the woman.

The man allegedly told his victim that the spirit of Amrin was guarding the hole at the entrance of the cave which stopped her from leaving.

According to the chief of police, the woman believed she had been having sex with the youth, “Jin Amrin,” since 2003 when she was actually being used by the ‘shaman’ to satisfy his baser urges.

The story, already fairly strange, gets stranger still, however.

HS’ sister is married to the son of the shaman, Jago.

Worse still, according to the account in the Jakarta Post, there was someone in the family who knew where HS was.

Her sister and her sister’s husband were apparently both aware.

Allegedly, a village resident made her report to the Tolitoli officers after she overheard HS’ sister threaten her husband, saying that she would reveal her sister’s whereabouts during a fight.

Jago was known, prior to this incident, for his healing methods, as well as his abilities to channel spirits.

When HS first went missing in 2003, the shaman apparently told her parents that she had gone to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and the largest city that the nation has, to find work.

Under the nation’s ‘child protection’ laws, the shaman faces up to 15 years in prison.

Like many other Asian nations, particularly those in Southeast Asia, Indonesia still has small villages far removed from the more built-up cities like Jakarta, Bandung, and even Denpasar, where mysticism and belief in such things are commonplace.

It seems fairly obvious that this 83-year-old ‘shaman’ took advantage of that and of the people in his remote village and used those beliefs to prey upon a young woman for an astonishing 15 years.

Harder to explain, however, is the idea that HS’ own sister, and this shaman’s own son, would keep the secret for him.

Many third-world nations are an interesting combination of old-world traditions and new-world technologies.

The city of Bangkok in Thailand is a fantastic example. It is a city filled with technologies, shopping malls, complex rail systems, busy (often congested) traffic, and all the creature comforts and modern conveniences.

Yet for all that modernity, the city is also home to numerous Buddhist shrines for everything from animals to trees.

Sometimes, however, people prey on those who follow similar spiritual, not necessarily religious, beliefs. In this case, Jago just seems to have done so in a way unusually cruel and heartless.

Sadly, the most time in prison he could face for such a crime would be 15 years. While he will likely not survive that long (if, indeed, he even lives long enough to stand before a judge), the jail time he’s being threatened with certainly doesn’t seem appropriate after he abused a young woman for fifteen years of her life.