GOP consultant and private investigator Peter Smith committed suicide, but his death is shrouded by inconsistencies.

GOP consultant and private investigator Peter Smith committed suicide, but his death is shrouded by inconsistencies.

A GOP consultant and investigator has committed suicide in a somewhat mysterious manner. An independent republican operative from Chicago who was investigating Hillary’s missing emails, supposedly took his own life in a hotel room in Minnesota.

Peter W. Smith was tracking down the controversial electronic messages, working to prove that Hillary used the private server to conduct classified communications. She, of course, claimed that they related to personal matters.

It seems like the media has done everything possible to sweep the scandal under the rug. While working as Secretary of State for the Obama administration, Clinton used a private, unencrypted server to correspond about official duties. That sort of activity is treasonous.


Although wikileaks released over 20,000 of the communications, another 30,000 are still missing. Clinton has escaped from federal prosecution so far, but the unlawful use of the server has been proven. Smith’s private investigation centered around the “lost” messages.

However, just days after speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Smith supposedly committed suicide at the Rochester hotel. He left a file of documents and a note explaining that his life insurance was about to expire, and claiming his poor health led to the decision.

The death certificate says that he died from asphyxiation. Smith was found with a plastic bag over his head with a source of helium attached to it, and canisters in the room. There was also a receipt that showed the purchase of the gas from a nearby Wal-Mart.

Smith uncovered the evidence for "Troopergate," Bill Clinton's bizarre and criminal sex life.

Smith uncovered the evidence for “Troopergate,” Bill Clinton’s bizarre and criminal sex life.


However, Smith didn’t use a credit card to buy the canisters, and police didn’t check security tapes to see if he was the person who actually paid for it. His note was weirdly phrased. It apologized to authorities and stated, “No foul play whatsoever.” Although he claimed to take his life because his insurance was expiring, the suicide doesn’t make sense.

Death by suicide is a criminal offense and insurance companies don’t honor it.

Interestingly, Peter Smith was responsible for uncovering “Troopergate” and probing Bill Clinton’s connections in Russia in 1969, while Clinton was in college. Sadly, it never pays to get on the bad side of the Clinton’s.

Smith remained working until the day he died, even extending his stay at least once. Although the Mayo Clinic wouldn’t confirm if he was a patient, one former employee told reporters that Smith had gone to the clinic for a heart condition. The Aspen Suites, where he died, is one frequently used by visitors.


Right before his death, Smith told reporters that he discovered Hillary’s emails were obtained by five groups of hackers, two of them claiming to be Russian. Those kinds enemies combined with his mysterious choice of death, establish plenty of questions surrounding the incident.

There are still some 30,000 emails missing from Hillary's private server. Smith was investigating their whereabouts.

There are still some 30,000 emails missing from Hillary’s private server. Smith was investigating their whereabouts.

One funeral employee who responded to the hotel said that the tanks were in the room, and explained that although rare, suicides like these did occur. It is one of the many suicide technique examples listed by an organization of euthanasia enthusiasts, The Final Exit Network.

The Florida company says that its methods are “humane” for people with terminal illnesses, but that’s what the Nazi’s said when they emptied Germany of the elderly, physically disabled, and mentally deficient by slaughtering them.

A spokeswoman from the Cook County medical examiner’s office told reporters that helium does not actually kill people. The plastic bag is used to cut off oxygen and cause death.


Smith’s remains were cremated in Minnesota, and he was survived by his wife, Janet, his three children and three grandchildren. One former employee said that he was the “best boss” who was a serious man with an “upbeat” personality.

The only physical manifestations that anything was wrong with the GOP investigator were some slight weaknesses and dizziness, Jonathan Safron told reporters. He said that he noticed Smith had difficulty breathing in the last few weeks they worked together.

Making enemies of the Clinton's isn't a wise move, but Smith was compelled by his deep sense of justice and integrity to root out corruption in the government.

Making enemies of the Clinton’s isn’t a wise move, but Smith was compelled by his deep sense of justice and integrity to root out corruption in the government.

It’s odd that Smith would take his own life. His father lived to the age of 92, and Smith wrote two blogs the day before he died. That certainly doesn’t seem like someone who was planning on exiting life. He predicted in his writing that day, “As attention turns to international affairs, as it will shortly, the Russian interference story will die of its own weight.”

He was correct. The Russia hoax looks more and more sketchy while liberals scramble to pin anything they can, even fake reports, on Trump.

Regardless of whether or not further investigation into Peter Smith’s death will be held, conservatives in the country will sorely miss his integrity and strong drive to uncover liberal corruption.