PUBLISHED: 11:10 PM 9 May 2017
UPDATED: 1:37 AM 10 May 2017

Muslims Reciting Quran Outside Spot, Murder State Trooper Before Fleeing To Final Standoff

Police investigate a the murder of a police officer at a Wawa convenience store (pictured above).

Police investigate a the murder of a police officer at a Wawa convenience store (pictured above).

Police investigate the murder of a police officer at a Wawa convenience store in Delaware (pictured above).

Muslim jihadists are determined to take over the world by any means necessary and convert everyone to Islam. Under former President George W. Bush, we managed to keep the threat confined to the Middle East. Unfortunately, while Barack Obama was in charge, he opened up our country’s borders and let vast numbers of dangerous extremists sneak into our country. Despite being out of office, people are still being harmed by his failed policies.  

Just recently, a state trooper in Delaware was murdered by a radicalized Muslim. After killing him, the extremist fled to his house and barricaded himself inside. After an hours-long standoff, he was thankfully shot dead by police.

Cpl. Stephen Ballard, the Delaware State Trooper murdered by a Muslim jihadist.

Cpl. Stephen Ballard, the Delaware State Trooper murdered by a Muslim jihadist.

According to reports, Burgon Sealy, Jr., a Muslim extremist, was reciting Quran verses outside of a Wawa Convenience store with a fellow Muslim when Cpl. Stephen J. Ballard, a Delaware State Trooper, approached the “suspicious vehicle” they were sitting inside. Shortly after making contact, a fight broke out between them. Sealy, who was sitting in the passenger seat, got out of the car and opened fire on the officer, causing him to fall to the ground. He then ran up and executed Ballard, shooting him at point-blank range several times.

After killing the helpless trooper, he returned home and locked himself inside. While fleeing the scene, he called family members and told them what he’d done. They then relayed that information to the police and told them where he lived. Law enforcement officials surrounded his house and tried for over 12 hours to get him surrender. Despite their attempts, he refused to cooperate. They ended up having to smash in all of the home’s doors and windows. Then they threatened to destroy what remained of the building with a bulldozer if he didn’t come out. Shortly after mentioning the bulldozer, he charged out of the building and fired indiscriminately. Officers returned fire, killing him instantly.

Burgon Sealy Jr., the jihadist responsible for murdering a Delaware state trooper.

Burgon Sealy Jr., the jihadist responsible for murdering a Delaware state trooper.

This recent attack further underscores the need to improve our country’s vetting procedures, something President Donald Trump is determined to do. He recently signed an executive order temporarily suspending immigration from six high-risk countries. The countries targeted by his order are Iran, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and Sudan. All six countries were listed as “countries of concern” during the Obama administration. He claimed that it’s “reckless” and “not compassionate” to allow “uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur.

Unsurprisingly, his order outraged many Democrats. They organized together and filed lawsuits all across the country. As a result, several activist judges put his immigration order on hold, jeopardizing the lives of everyone living in the country. By not being able to limit the flow of people coming into our country from some of the most dangerous places in the world, we’ll likely be the victims of terrorism. If people die from a terrorist attack that we could’ve prevented with a travel ban, the judges responsible for issuing the hold on his order will be partly to blame.

Muslim extremists are even targeting young children. Earlier this year, Jumana Nagarwala, a doctor in Michigan, was arrested for performing FGM on little girls. According to reports, she was caught after police received a tip and searched their phone records, which brought them to two seven-year-old girls, who they questioned. During their interview, one of the girls said that her mother took her on a “special girls’ trip.” Police then sent the girls to a hospital to undergo a health screening, where doctors confirmed that they were indeed surgically disfigured and were led to Nagarwala, who they then arrested.

Jumana Nagarwala, accused of performing FGM on several young girls.

Jumana Nagarwala, a doctor accused of performing FGM on several young girls.

To make things worse, some Democrats don’t think FGM is really that big of a deal. During a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Fuambai Ahmadu, an anthropologist who’s worked as a consultant for the United Nations (UN) and federal government, tried to argue that the practice is not really as bad as people make it out to be, calling the procedure a “nick.”

We must not let the barbaric practices of Islam take root in our country. Doing so creates an environment where Muslims like Sealy can easily get radicalized. Any Democrat actively resisting Trump’s attempt to make the country safer should be voted out of office. And any judge doing so should be fired.