Christian Persecution

PUBLISHED: 6:12 PM 18 Sep 2018

Muslims Force People To Convert As Bible Attacked As “Extreme”

He has worked there for 19 years and this is the worst that it has ever been.

Christians are being forced into the Muslim faith.

Some journalists and those in the media have written about a trend that appears to be showing an ever-increasing hostility towards Christians. President Obama helped almost no followers of Christ from the most troubled areas of the Middle East who wanted into the U.S, for example, and today Brietart News has written that things are not much better off in London, England, either.

There, Pastor Paul Song suffered having “his gatherings stormed by pro-terrorist Muslims” and was slandered as an extremist by a local imam at the Brixton prison. He had been forced out of the voluntary job due to the outrageous accusations, but has been reinstated, the Mail has confirmed. Pro-terrorist Muslim prisoners are forcing non-believers to convert, and many people recognize that England is no longer a free country.

According to what the Islamic religion often claims, they are accepting of all people, yet Mr. Song was “racially abused because of his Korean origins.” He was allegedly being discriminated against for two reasons (his faith and his race), yet some people have wondered where the bleeding hearts are for this holy man.

The Christian teacher even said that he saw some prisoners being forced into converting to the Muslim faith by a “physically intimidating” Islamic leader there.

The forceful Islamist used to “complain about his recourses,” too. Song said, “Imam Mohamed’s discriminatory agenda was clear from the outset. He began scrutinizing the material for each of our courses, commenting that the material was ‘too radical’, and that the Christian views expressed were ‘extreme’.

The Christian man added, “He paid scant regard to the fact that the courses are mainstream Christian courses, used by churches throughout the world. He also said he wanted to ‘change the Christian domination’ within HMP Brixton.”

It is also reported that Muslims “hijacked” Bible studies and began “interrupting a discussion on divine grace to loudly praise the terrorist killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby.” The pastor lamented, “To do this in a place of worship was obscene. Some openly spoke in the chapel in support of Islamic State.

Prison Planet also published a story from ‘End Of The American Dream’ which revealed that in China, some of the worst persecution in quite some time is taking place, as well as for Coptics in the Middle East.

It should also be noted that Emperor Nero was a far worse butcher that Xi, however, and he ruled shortly after Christ died, so this isn’t the worst treatment Christians have ever facedFor that matter, some historians have said that the Soviets killed more Christians than Hitler did Jews, so that was also a very bleak time for believers.

Just the same, Song has been a teacher at the prison for nineteen years, so when he says that things are looking worse and worse, it’s a warning sign to many. He is seeing a “radical shift” and also watching Muslims “take control.”

One of the reasons for this takeover and strong-arming is that Imam Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed has begun to infiltrate multi-faith meetings and claiming that Christian teachings are “extreme.

So, while Song has his rightful job back, there is a problem brewing not just in the culture, but in the prisons. The way of life which those locked up now are living is going to spawn for release a huge number of people who have both been converted by force and who will likely try to convert others by force, many scholars fear.

If that is the case, the time to heed Mr. Song’s warning is sooner rather than later, at least as some Christians and others see it.