Muslim Rep Strikes Again

PUBLISHED: 5:55 PM 11 Feb 2019
UPDATED: 5:56 PM 11 Feb 2019

Muslim Rep. Continues Hate, Anti-Semitic Rant Draws Fire From All Sides

Rather than admit that her thinking is bigoted and offensive, Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar claimed that she was the victim of smears after being blasted for her racist comments.

It appears as if Rep. Omar's mind is tainted with bigoted hate.

Among the people who called out Muslim Rep. Ilham Omar over her bigoted tweet last night was Chelsea Clinton.

Omar again used an anti-Jewish stereotype, alleging that members of congress supported Israel because of being paid to do it.  Then, when she was called out for her racist statement, Omar eventually claimed she was facing “smears” because she was Muslim.

The Minnesota Muslim tweeted, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby” in response to a comment by left-wing Israel critic Glenn Greenwald. In that bigoted statement, he lamented that Congress in general, and Republicans in particular, supported Israel.

Her statements were not appreciated.

Batya Ungar-Sargon, one commenter, among others, was not impressed:

To clarify her agreement that legislators being paid, Omar referred to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). However, AIPAC is a lobby group that does not donate to candidates.

In the ensuing Twitter melée, Omar retweeted a left-wing journalist, but she apparently didn’t read the entire tweet.

After agreeing that he was not a supporter of the ‘occupation,’ he did end the comment by pointing out her racism, saying, “She might as well call us hook-nosed.”

Of course, after re-tweeting the comment, then realizing her idiocy, Omar deleted that post.

Perhaps reading is also one of her problems, along with anti-Semitism and anti-Christian bigotry?

AIPAC is not “aligned” with any particular Israeli government, but rather supports the U.S.-Israel alliance in general, so her claim was also incorrect.

Others were even more abusive — and Clinton stood her ground against Omar’s “anti-Semitic language and tropes.”

The Muslim lawmaker’s offensive comments also drew scorn from her fellow Democrats.

Rep. Max Rose (D-N.Y.) wrote, “When someone uses hateful and offensive tropes and words against people of any faith, I will not be silent. Congresswoman Omar’s statements are deeply hurtful to Jews, including myself.”

“Implying that Americans support Israel because of money alone is offensive enough,” Rose’s statement continued. “But to go a step further, and retweet someone declaring their parent at her sentiment is simply unacceptable. At a time when anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise, our leaders should not be invoking hurtful stereotypes and caricatures of Jewish people to dismiss those who support Israel.”

“In the Democratic Party — and in the United States of America — we celebrate the diversity of our people, and the God we pray to, as a strength,” he said. “The Congresswoman’s statements do not live up to that cherished ideal.”

In response to the escalating anger over her tweets, Rep. Omar claimed she was the victim of “smears.”

Her offensive hate, and the fact that she apparently hasn’t got a modicum of self-awareness points to the fact that Omar is wholly unqualified to hold any sort of federal office, many people argue.