PUBLISHED: 6:57 PM 19 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 9:16 PM 19 Aug 2016

Muslim Refugees REFUSING To Work, Saying “Guests Shouldn’t Have To”

Refugees At These Camps Have Refused All Job Offerings

Refugees At These Camps Have Refused All Job Offerings

Refugees At These Camps Have Refused All Job Offerings

Given recent events, refugees have become a hot topic, and rightly so. They cost countries millions of dollars and present a slew of other issues.

An initiative was started to help provide jobs to a large majority of the immigrants and refugees around the globe. The initiative revolves around the idea that we could lower the “refugee burden” by having them work for the food, shelter, stipends, and other benefits they are receiving.


Asylum Seekers In Germany Have Refused To Even Consider Working

These Muslim refugees are being allowed into the United States as well as Europe. Yet, they won’t even consider helping out. Instead they want to be treated as “guests.” They are taking entitlement to a whole new level.

The European Union and other global initiatives have fought the idea of making refugees work. Already this is a questionable move. However, when you get right down to it, there’s no real obstruction that is stopping Muslim immigrants from working or even volunteering at the very least. For example, officials in district of Zwickau have recognized this and made the smart move to mandate volunteer hours where the refugees help clean up their own camps.

It makes perfect sense. If the immigrants are going to be allowed into the country anyways, they might as well help clean their own areas at the very least.

With all of the crimes being committed by undocumented Muslim immigrants and refugees, you’d think they might jump at any chance to help clean up their reputation. Wrong.

German Migrants

These People Are Content To Demand Handouts And Force Us To Change Our Culture Around Their Desires

Muslim Asylum seekers have banded together everywhere and are now refusing to work. They have officially stated that they “must be treated as guests.” Furthermore, they say that “guests do not work” because they are “treated to their desires by the host.”

One Mayor in Germany, Ms. Pohlers of Waldenburg, confirmed these statements. However, she was subsequently attacked for speaking up against the refugees’ excuses. In short, the refugees want as much as they can possible get without giving anything in return. On top of that, they attack anyone who disagrees with them, both verbally and physically.

When Muslim refugees and immigrants enter a new camp, they are given food, shelter, clothing, and even transportation. Their medical bills are all taken care of and their children receive even more benefits. Instead of being grateful for the open donations of countless nations such as the United States, Germany, and France, they have decided to ask for even more.

The Town They're Being Stored In

One Town In Germany Even Went A Step Further And Provided Them Government Stipends

Enough is enough. It’s time these refugees either lend a helping hand, or leave. We aren’t here to cater to their whims and desires. We are only offering aid to those that truly need it. And, it doesn’t look like any of these people fit that category. In fact, most refugees are healthy adult males.

Migrants Refused To Work Saying They're %22guests%22

They Claim That Guests Don’t Have To Work

Some Patriots have even stood up to speak out against the complete lack of respect from refugees. They fought hard to institute a law that would force refugees to work, but ultimately it was shot down:

“In a specially convened meeting with an interpreter the authorities explained the rules again. Unfortunately, no agreement could be reached on the continuation of the measure.”

As you can see, refugees are literally refusing to follow instructions from their host countries.

This comes even after the fact that they had the rules explained to them multiple times. The district of Zwickau even went through the trouble of setting up a global refugee volunteer force that would allow refugees to receive small amounts of money for their work. Again, the refugees spit in the face of that idea by refusing to even consider it.

This isn’t an American issue or a European issue. This is a global issue. The United Nations and European Union set all guidelines for the treatment of refugees. The United States is one of the biggest contributors to these organizations and thus follows these guidelines closely, especially with Obama as president. These are not localized stories. This is a global issue of Muslim immigrants pushing for more and more.

It’s important that we realize what is happening. Major change always happens gradually at first. In the beginning it was touted as being “tolerant.” Now they don’t even care to hide it. They make demands, and cowards like Obama appease them. We all know what happened last time large groups were appeased: World Wars that led to the death and destruction of millions of families and lives across the entire planet.

Clinton And Her Foundation Openly Support New Laws That Would Allow Muslim Refugees To Enter The United States With Zero Background Checks Or Accountability

Clinton And Her Foundation Openly Support New Laws That Would Allow Muslim Refugees To Enter The United States With Zero Background Checks Or Accountability

We don’t even treat our military veterans with the same level of care that refugees receive. And yet, the current establishment, along with Hillary Clinton, wants to increase the amount of resources devoted to refugees.

If you want to prevent this from happening, there is a solution. We need to go out and vote for Donald Trump on Election Day. He doesn’t want open borders. He doesn’t want millions of Muslim immigrants flooding into our country unaccounted for. He is sick and tired of the weak stance America has taken for the past 8 years.

We need to band together. This is TRULY a time of need like we have never seen before. Get out there and spread the word. We ALL have a part to play in this election. The stakes have never been higher. These final days of the election race may prove to be the most critical years in American History.