PUBLISHED: 7:00 PM 19 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 11:32 PM 29 Jan 2017

Muslim Refugees Decline Work, Say It’s Against Their Religion To “Perform Labor” For Americans

They Are Flat Out Refusing To Work

They Are Flat Out Refusing To Work

They Are Flat Out Refusing To Work

It does not take a great economic mind to figure out that the European Union is dissolving faster than a spot of sugar in a hot cup of English tea. The EU leadership is not as much worried about Britain departing, though this hardly makes them happy, but that other nations will do likewise. Greece should have fled the EU after the abuse that it saw from Germany.

Sure, Greece very much did bring much of the misery that they saw upon themselves with over friendly social services, they did not deserve destroyed over it. Many nations, even the US, do this and are not ruined to the extent that Germany mauled Greece.

Don’t be surprised in the least if this happens in more nations soon, such as in Spain. The Spanish are seeing the terrible end result of open border policies as is Norway. News recently from Norway is telling that after begging to be allowed INTO the EU as they fled the evils of radical Islam in Syria and like areas, they seem in large number to now be refusing to work in certain establishments that serve pork or alcohol.

However, to refuse to even work around foods that are counter to one’s views is just another sign that Trump was right in suggesting that refugee’s be housed in a safe zone in Syria because…this living arrangement is just NOT going to work.


Are they refugee’s fleeing war or are they coming to live off of the taxpayer? They were not vetted enough for us to know.

After all, what are refugee’s that have often been either taught poorly, in cases of stricter Islam the women have not been taught at all, and where they hardly know the language enough to find a bathroom going to do if not begin in the service industry? There is a reason that so many migrants of all races that move to other nations tend to own little stores and things like it, because the families can run it with very little need to converse in a strange new language, for instance.

According to figures published in Sept of 2015 (things have certainly ballooned since then), 91.4% of migrants in the EU are on food stamps and 68.3% are on cash welfare. Being humane is certainly a godly attribute that the world needs far more of, but so is gratitude and thanksgiving. If a nation has agreed to help with money, time, housing, basic life necessitates, and in some instances even cell phones, then certainly carrying a plate of pork (or hagus) to the table is not such a big thing to ask in return.


If all of these people are going to enter the Norway and like states, then they are gonig to have to pull their own weight.

No one is requesting that anyone eat anything, only to serve those who wish to. Once the language is learned and skills are acquired, then strict Islamist’s may open a non-pork eatery that serves no alcohol, has no music, no dancing, and faces the East. Call it the “No Fun Zone” and maybe open up a “public beatings room” for those that smile while there, but until then, give back to the people who have given so much to help. Serving a beer to a man in a bar until a better job can be earned is not going to be as disrespectful to Allah as mooching or staying in a war-zone, not if He really loves his people.

Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg is reported to have said that migrants need to refrain from using religion as an excuse to not work. The money in the coffers that help the poor and downtrodden, migrant or native, only has so much in it. After that, how is Norway to pay for this help that they are offering? It is mentioned that the refugees are acting more like migrants, and there is a difference.

Migrants will usually enter a country at will, have some skills, so they can be a bit more finicky. When someone is a refugee, then it is not uncommon for those taken in to begin at the bottom just like every other new worker introduced to the workforce. This is not anti-Muslim, this is simply life.


Woeful images such as this lead Norway to help, but now it is time for those helped to repay by being a productive citizen.

Solberg has said that while she does have sympathy for the “stay at home” mom customs of Muslims, as well as respect for their other ways, she is firm in that Muslims should not expect the government to pay for such luxuries. Before this is called anti-Muslim, do Christians get paid to even take one day off on Christmas for the government?

Things are not much better in France. Paris has historically been one of the most often listed dream destinations among those asked, regardless of where they are from. Now instead of any of that, tourists have been seen fleeing what is called a nightmare of theft, assault, and terror.

Chinese tourism is tanking down by 39% in the land of the Eiffel Tower, while Korean tourism to France is down 27%, finding many going to Russia as a destination instead. Putin may not like Pussy Riot, but he does a far better job of not letting tourists get raped by invaders, so it is a pretty easy trade off. This is easily seen with reports of even 81 year old men being beaten while resisting thieves.

It may not be very PC to say this, but there may be just a chance that not everyone coming into the EU or clamoring to get into United States is simply in need of help. It may be possible that they want to bomb us back to a time where women dressed in bed sheets was not usual. Even if the refugee’s do come to escape violence, they may not even be willing to work because their customs make certain normal working occupations an afront to their god, while the EU taxpayer is to pay for it.

Angela “let ’em all in” Merkel is going to have to decide quickly what is more important to her and the EU. Is it more vital to be irresponsibly helpful (such as a an old lady giving her whole pension check to a radio minister) by letting more people in than can be vetted properly or listening to the people who are begging for relief.

This is because when the voters quit begging the turns to other means, such as departure.