Muslim Model Steps Down

PUBLISHED: 5:36 PM 24 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 5:37 PM 24 Jan 2018

Muslim Model “Regrets” Tweet After Stepping Down From Beauty Campaign

L’Oreal accepted the resignation under the guise of “tolerance and respect” although it knew about it before the campaign began.

L'Oreal's new campaign did not go the way they wanted.

The Muslim woman who L’Oreal picked as the new face for its UK ad campaign for hair care products, wrote on Twitter yesterday that she was exiting the campaign. The reason? Several tweets that she posted back in 2014, viciously attacking the Jewish State of Israel. Believe it or not, there was one in particular where she labeled Israelis as “child murders.” Naturally, this model received a fierce criticism and had no more option than taking a step aside.

As the Conservative Daily Post reported in a previous article, the woman in question is a famous model and blogger called Amena Khan. In addition to her anti-Semitic views on Israel, she has been quite notorious on social media for the way she incredibly combines a pro-woman stance with Islam.

In her Monday tweet, Khan apologized to everyone who could feel disturbed by the content of her 2014 tweets and expressed her regret for what she said in those publications. She explained that she decided to delete these tweets since she pointed out these don’t represent the message of harmony she stands for now.

Finally, Khan said on this tweet that while she felt quite excited by the opportunity of being part of the company’s ad campaign, she had to step down from it “because the current conversations surrounding it detract from the positive and inclusive sentiment that it set out to deliver.”

Soon after the news about her part in the new L’Oreal’s ad campaign, Twitter users came out to express their views on this move. Naturally, most of the comments pointed out how this company was surrendering to the claws of political correctness, by including a Muslim figure in its new campaign.

Of course, this cannot be considered as a big surprise, considering how L’Oreal has been characterized by its ability to get into unnecessary controversies. Given this situation, including a Muslim woman as its new face seemed like nothing more than a PR move in order to gain more popularity.

In addition to these tweets, some of the most popular ones were those that pointed out the irony of this move. After all, it is impossible not to look at how L’Oreal was using a Hijab-wearing woman to promote a shampoo. As a matter of fact, one user compared this campaign with a hypothetical situation where Neutrogena uses gloves in order to promote hand cream.

While these kinds of tweets were the majority (including the social justice warriors that claimed this was great news for the Muslim community) Khan’s past eventually became the main topic.

In addition to the things she wrote about Israel, what many users criticized was the way she tried to hide all of this by deleting the evidence. Naturally, Khan broke the social media non-written rule of not deleting something that could be considered as a controversial moment. After all, this only shows weakness and an attempt to act like if those ugly moments never happened.

Among the things she wrote on her tweets, the element that the model and blogger pointed out continuously was how Israel was the element to blame for the Middle East problem. In addition, she even dared to relativize the unspeakable acts of Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, since she claimed they are the consequence of Israel’s actions.

Just as any other anti-Israel liberal, Khan said that this country was nothing more than an illegal state and claimed that the excuses that Israel usually provides to the international community are just “blatant lies.”

Regarding her decision of stepping down from the ad campaign, L’Oreal said that they didn’t know anything about these anti-Semitic tweets. In addition, the company pointed out that it appreciate the way the model apologized and accepted that her 2014 tweets were quite offensive. Finally, L’Oreal said that it is fully committed to the tolerance and respect toward all people, and announced that it agrees with Khan’s decision of exiting the ad campaign.

According to The Times of Israel, Khan’s stance against the Jewish state was not only shown on social media. Apparently, her decision to step down from the campaign came just a couple of days after she rejected an award from cosmetic giant Revlon, after the famous Israeli actress Gal Gadot was declared the main figure of the company’s latest ad campaign.

Believe it or not, in her rejection of the Revlon award, the Muslim model and blogger accused the actress and superstar of “Wonder Woman” of backing “the oppression of women and girls” by supporting the Israel Defense Forces.