Hit On Cop

PUBLISHED: 6:04 PM 28 Jun 2018

Muslim Man Debates An Acid Attack Before Deciding On Murder

He hid face with hats and bandannas when he met the supposed killer.

Acid was to have been thrown in a Houston cop's face.

There are likely a majority of people who would say that the police write far, far too many tickets. However, the way to deal with this injustice is certainly NOT to do engage in the evil actions intended by 47-year-old Mohammed Mohamed. According to Chron, he wanted to hire a hitman to kill an officer for giving him too many nuisance tickets in Houston, Texas.

Police Chief Art Acevedo said that a tip alerted them to the business owners murderous intent and they played along. They even told Mohamed that the officer had, in fact, met his end. He was then arrested and charged with “solicitation of capital murder.” After all, he did utter the words, “I want him killed.” If this is how third world countries handle too many citations, there is a major culture clash at risk of happening as the border doors remain open.

The suspect wanted the officer dead because he believed that the officer was interfering in his business operations,” the chief said.

It seems that the Houston Police Department’s Differential Response Team, a group “that addresses quality-of-life issues,” is very heavy-handed in the area. The suspect had too many vehicles on his property and was often ticketed for it along with other offenses.

Certainly, each person should be free to use their land free from much meddling, but to resort to these means is something that could only happen from someone who has refused to mold into the society.

It was going to cost “tens of thousands” of dollars to code the property the way that the law was demanding,” Mohamed had said.

What is most ghastly is the fact that, such as is common in the Islamic religion, the offender’s initial plan was to throw acid into the officer’s face. Later, he settled on murder for hire, however.

Due to the possibility of the suspect getting more tickets and additional penalties, he ended up deciding that, ‘Naw, that’s not enough. I don’t want to just maim this officer,” Acevedo explained. “I don’t want to just injure this officer. I want him killed because that’s the only way that this will go away.” From there, talk gathered about employing a hitman to do the job.

The man covered his face with bandanas and ball caps every time he met with the supposed triggerman,” police have stated.

The Muslim wanted to wait until after Ramadan, but he paid $500 to the supposed killer and promised another $1500 when the job was done. Staged photos of a crime scene were shown to Mohamed who believed fully that the officer was dead.

Sure enough, the Islamic culprit returned to Peiser Park and was arrested by a S.W.AT. Team. As promised, $1500 was in his pockets, ready to be given to the man that Mohamed that thought was the murderer.

Prosecutors are asking for no bond to be set since the suspect has access to over $2 million dollars. “We talk a lot about bail in this county, that we have magistrates that seem to give out bail to violent suspects, too dangerous suspects,” the police chief declared. “And we just want the magistrates to know – and the district judges who appoint them – that we will be watching closely.”

The man has known ties to Egypt, so two million dollars could certainly go a long way in buying his way out of the country if he were let out and had access to the needed capital.

“If someone’s willing to kill a member of the Houston Police Department because they got too many tickets, if someone’s willing to attack someone with acid, that’s a person that not only poses a serious threat to that officer but obviously poses a threat to this community,” Acevedo also stated.

While this may offend more than few PC snowflakes, the fact that acid attacks (or thoughts of them) are on the rise in direct proportion to the rise of Islam is the West is not just a coincidence. A clash of culture looms and, regardless of who it offends, it may be wise to start addressing the problem.