Muslim Immigration Violence

PUBLISHED: 7:52 PM 21 Jun 2018

Muslim Immigration Threat Further Confirmed As Brawl Erupts In Maine

The mayor dismissed the incident in typical politically correct fashion.

Liberals continue to ignore Islamic terror threats as they welcome Muslims into their communities. This proved deadly in Maine last week.

Liberals refuse to acknowledge Islamic threats in their constant need to be overly politically correct. Former President Barack Obama refused to use the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’ and would have denied associated violence even if ISIS knocked down the White House’s doors.

That same denial continues on the left which is inviting Muslim immigrants to enter the country at alarming rates. The effects of such were unfortunately demonstrated in Maine where a ‘bloodbath’ erupted among Somali Muslim gang members, killing an innocent citizen. It was 30 immigrants armed with bats, steel pipes, rocks, and sticks who “just started ganging up” on eight innocent bystanders for seemingly no reason. While horrifying, to liberals this is just cultural diversity at its finest, as the terror has been suspiciously ignored by the leftist media.

The terrifying ordeal referred to as a ‘melee,’ occurred in Lewiston, Maine at a Kennedy Park last week.

Local resident Nicholas Vinciguerra was at the park with several friends when passengers in a passing black car suddenly fired “BB and pellet guns” in their direction.

The group pursued the car to determine what instigated the attack.

However, the violence appeared to have been motivated by the fact that Vinciguerra and his friends are non-Muslim, as the young men found themselves suddenly “surrounded by roughly” 30 Muslim immigrants from Somalia, consisting of “teenagers, preteens, and adults.”

News Center Maine verified that the altercation was undeniably divided between immigrants and non-Muslim citizens.

Vinciguerra said that the attackers were ‘swinging for the fences,’ clearly attempting to inflict as much harm as possible.

Devastatingly, the mob managed to kill an innocent man, 38-year-old Donald Giusti. He remained in critical condition as of last Thursday but ultimately died to injuries sustained during the brawl.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first jihadist violence to occur in the community, as another group of Somalian Muslims attacked locals at the same park on May 17.

Residents claim that local authorities have refused to address the issue, with one suggesting that “the police are scared to do so.”

Yet the responsibility can be placed on liberal politicians who encourage immigration and defend terrorism.

Among such traitors is the Lewiston mayor, Shane Bouchard, who made the following statement in response to the attack, dismissing its relevance:

“Kennedy Park is a large common space in the middle of some of the poorest census tracts in the Northeast. When you have large, diverse groups of people in the same place you are bound to have incidents.”

He then continued that it is the community’s responsibility to “fight a cultural barrier” and unite differing backgrounds, making ridiculous claims that the town is experiencing exceptionally low rates of violence.

There was no mention of the innocent victim, and this was not just an ‘incident,’ but an act of terrorism.

Lieutenant David St. Pierre of the Lewiston Police Department also avoided the underlying issue, implying that recent violence is often minimal, referencing altercations such as fighting over cigarettes.

The park has since imposed a 9 p.m. curfew in a pathetic attempt to protect innocent civilians.

However, on some level, Maine democrats surely realize that these violent ordeals happen among Muslim immigrants most frequently, as St. Pierre explained that the police department frequently meets with local Islamic organizations in naïve attempts to bridge the cultural divide.

While Bouchard and other liberals continue that incidents such as the ones occurring in Maine are merely side effects of comingling opposing communities, Islamic violence has been indisputably proven.

It is the very nature of Islam to oppose non-Muslims, which has always resulted in violence.

In “the only comprehensive history of fourteen centuries of jihad worldwide,” The History of Jihad, Robert Spencer explains that at no point in history has there been “large-scale peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims.”

To suggest otherwise is a liberal fantasy, ever-striving for diverse communities that embrace cultural differences.

Unfortunately, that is unlikely to ever occur with the Muslim community, something that conservatives acknowledge, unwilling to wait for continuing violence to ensue in further proving this.

Yet democrats continue to fight such a reality as they endanger the American people, allowing ‘entire communities’ to immigrate into the U.S.

Spencer noted that doing so threatens future generations by allowing Muslim-run communities to develop and expand, resulting in American bloodshed.

Such violence has occurred in other countries such as Canada, France, Germany, and Sweden, which have all opened their borders to Muslim immigrants.

Yet the effects of excessive and often illegal immigration are not limited to Islamic terrorism, but also extend to other immigrants and refugees who enter the U.S. only to partake in criminal activity.

It is not racist or inhumane to enforce immigration policies to ensure national security. Historically and most recently, Muslims have proven that they should not live among differing cultures, a fact that the U.S. is within its full right to consider in addressing immigration.

President Trump is thankfully not cowardly ignoring the issue but is fighting jihadism and other forms of terrorism to ensure that the United States will not join the ranks of countries falling victim to such crimes.