PUBLISHED: 12:02 AM 3 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 3:30 PM 8 Jan 2018

“Muslim Free Zone” Owner Answers Racism Accusers With Political Announcement, Liberals Fume

Morgan is vowing to protect Americans from radical Islamic terrorists.

Morgan is vowing to protect Americans from radical Islamic terrorists.

A conservative who owns a gun range and declared her business a “Muslim Free Zone” in 2014 is making a big move to wreck the political establishment.

According to The Kansas City Star, Jan Morgan, owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs, announced that she will be running for governor of Arkansas.

Jan Morgan, a gun range owner, is running for Arkansas governor.

In a YouTube video released on Dec. 30, Morgan said she will run as an anti-government Republican seeking to promote President Trump’s agenda.

Morgan will be challenging incumbent Asa Hutchinson in the Republican primary, who was elected in 2014.

“I refuse to train the next islamic (sic) terrorist,” Morgan declared on her website in 2014, saying that she received overwhelming support in for declaring her gun range a “Muslim Free Zone” to keep people safe.

According to The Arkansas Times, Morgan will make protecting the Second Amendment the focal point of her campaign, with an emphasis on protecting our nation and securing our border.

Morgan wants to protect Americans from the threat of unvetted refugees.

She will also take dead aim at Hutchinson, who allowed local prosecutors to exercise discretion when applying the state’s open-carry law to certain cases.

Like many Americans, Morgan believes that the United States Constitution is straightforward: U.S. citizens are afforded the right under the Second Amendment to bear arms and protect themselves.

Morgan, who refer to herself as “genetically conservative,” announced that she would be holding an event later this month to speak with voters and those who care deeply about protecting the Second Amendment and prevent radical Islamic terrorists from entering our country.

The U.S. could use more politicians that firmly believe in adhering to our Constitution as it was written, and Morgan is running as a candidate who says she will fight for the Second Amendment and protecting our nation.

She will undoubtedly trigger many liberal snowflakes.

Source: The Kansas City Star