Polygamy Rewarded In Germany

PUBLISHED: 4:42 PM 22 Feb 2018

Muslim Flaunts Outrageous Scam, Living Off Welfare With 2 Wives And 6 Kids

Polygamy is illegal in Germany so why is this being allowed?

Angela Merkel is being held responsible for the tolerance of polygamy and pedophilia among Syrian welfare recipients.

A refugee from Syria is living with his two wives and six children, in Germany where polygamy is against the law. A documentary featuring Ahmad, 32, shows him living well in his state-provided two-story home, with income provided by welfare.

Angela Merkel is being blamed for the flouting of German laws and culture, and these are not considered minor infractions.

Ahmad has been allowed to bring his second wife into the country, who is the mother of four of the children. They were married when she was only 13-years-old, below the age of consent. His first wife was only 14 when they married.

There is a third wife still living abroad, reportedly in Syria. All seem happy, as this lifestyle is allowed by Sharia law. He hopes to add another wife and four more children.

The family’s refugee status allows him to look for work, despite being illiterate and unskilled, and it is not clear if anyone in the family speaks German. He is reportedly unaware of the amount of benefits he receives from the German government. He says he just goes to the bank and picks it up.

For many Germans, his lifestyle is unacceptable. Twitter users are now pointing out that people who enter into relationships with girls the age of 13 are charged with pedophilia.

As a result, more Germans are turning to the right-wing nationalist party, Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Ahmad is currently living in Schleswig-Holstein, an area in northern Germany, where it is reported that 34 refugees have managed to import 130 family members, since 2015. One refugee brought 4 wives and 22 children! Three of his wives are being housed separately.

The issue of chain migration is no longer simply a problem for the United States. In the case of Central and South American migrants, most do not engage in polygamy and many are found to hold Christian values.

If illegal immigrants were actually political refugees, who understand the importance of the representative government, there would be more agreement in the current debate over immigration reform.

The problem with the influx of any large group of immigrants is that the established culture and people are displaced by those who show no concordance with the traditional values or the established order of the host land.

Integration and respect for one’s new environment are what is missing in the debate over migration, wherever it takes place. The burden placed on the social programs and educational systems is only one part of the problem.

The average person who pays taxes, immigrant or native, is frustrated with protesting aliens who are receiving a free education and welfare benefits.

The problem is compounded by Sharia Law.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently stated that “Islam is not incompatible with Western Secular democracy.” This is of course not what Islamist followers and the Sharia-compliant truly believe.

Together with local Imam leaders, the Canadian government is discussing ways in which Sharia Law can be brought into the system.

Sharia law prohibits many of the freedoms that western countries have fought over, for decades. For those who see transgenderism as the new civil rights movement have much to fear by the talk of Sharia Law and its integration into the legal systems of the west.

Gay rights and women’s liberation movements also have reason to worry about Islamic ideology being supported by government and legal precedent.

Luckily, America still remembers the long hard road that was traveled to freedom. The Idaho House has passed a law that voids any ruling that relies on foreign law. The bill is modeled after the American Public Policy Alliance measures that promote the preservation of Western democracy over outside threats like Islamic law.

Some have criticized the anti-sharia law legislation as unnecessary because there is no known case where a judge based a ruling on Islamic Law. This just means that it is preventative, not unnecessary. Many understand that those who practice Sharia understand it to be the supreme law, which overrules any other form of government.

The country of Turkey, which is a secular country, is experiencing the slow integration of Islam into the state. Turkish officials have reportedly called the latest military deployment as a “jihad.” This mainstreaming of the religious actions of war and its integration into official state rhetoric is a break with precedent.

In Great Britain, Muslims are being encouraged to apply for a civil union as well as religious for protection under the law. This ensures the women have legal rights. The government is concerned that Sharia law is not being applied or misused in such a way that is incompatible with the rule of law in the UK.

Ultimately, western forms of democracy and freedom must be allowed to govern their populations, this is the primary way to ensure that the progress that has been made is preserved for the future.

Immigrants cannot be allowed to live outside of the law. This is particularly true in cases of pedophilia and polygamy.