Muslim Man Goes After 12-Year-Old Girl

PUBLISHED: 10:27 PM 30 Jan 2018

Muslim Court Employee Tries To Lure 12-Year-Old Girl

The girl was waiting for her mother and almost became a victim of this sick man.

A courthouse employee tried to use his job to lure a 12-year-old away from her mother.

A young girl in New Britain, Connecticut narrowly escaped the grasp of a Muslim man who is now being charged with attempted kidnapping. This whole scene unfolded at the New Britain Superior Courthouse.

Back in September, a 12-year-old girl attended a probation meeting with her mother at the courthouse. She suddenly found herself separated from her mother and she got scared. An employee of the court reached out to talk to her, but it was not to help her find her mother.

Mahfuz Alhamid worked as an interpreter at the courthouse. He had been in court for work when the young girl got lost.

Instead of acting like a responsible adult and helping the girl find her mother, Alhamid took things in a very different direction.

Alhamid tried to kiss the young girl, and when that did not happen, he asked her to follow him outside. He made an attempted to lure her away from the building and any hopes of finding her mother.

It was not clear what the 28-year-old intended to do to the little girl, but luckily no one was going to find out. The girl was startled enough by his aggressive nature that she started asking for help from other people in the courthouse.

The first person, the girl, found to ask for help was a man wearing an electronic monitoring ankle device. At first, he seemed scared to help or get involved.

The man wearing the ankle monitor did end up helping the girl. He confronted Alhamid and asked him who he was bothering the girl.

Alhamid attempted to con the man into thinking he was not the man who initially bothered the girl. He tried to fake that he had been on the phone the entire time and did not speak to the girl at all.

For most Americans, the thought of a 28-year-old man wanting to kiss a 12-year-old girl is pretty disturbing. This is not legal nor is it culturally acceptable for the most part.

Within the Muslim faith, it does seem to be more acceptable for an adult male to seek out a female partner of any age. For members of the faith that practice things like arranged marriages, the search to find a female to marry starts very early.

According to Ishaq Akintola, who is a professor of Islamic Eschatology and the Director of Muslim Rights Concern, Nigeria, “…Islam has no age barrier in marriage and Muslims have no apology for those who refuse to accept this.”

To sum that idea up, a Muslim man like Alhamid may feel like it is their right to marry anyone at any age. This is not something to be questioned or ashamed of in any way. This is also not something he is willing to change just because he is now living in the United States.

Alhamid seems to have the support of many within the Muslim faith to back up the idea that their religion sees nothing wrong with adults attempting to interact with young children to eventually marry them.

Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-‘Ubeidi, who is an expert on Islamic law, downplayed the American laws against children marrying as being “…arbitrary legislation” and strictly a contradiction to Islamic laws.

A prominent cleric and a well-respected member of the Islamic faith, Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, stated that the laws forbidding children from being in a relationship with adult men are not a part of his belief system. He shared that he supports young girls being able to marry “even if they are in the cradle.”

Unfortunately for the suspect, in this case, Sharia law will not get him out of the charge. In the state of Connecticut, a female needs to be at least 16-years-old to consent to any physical interaction with an adult.

Had Alhamid convinced the little girl to kiss him or do anything more sexual with him, he could be charged with a much more serious crime. The quick-thinking actions of a little girl kept her from falling victim to this child molester.

Regardless of his faith, this does not give Alhamid the right to approach underage girls for kissing or anything other activity. It is also alarming that he was able to use his job within the courthouse to access the young girl in the first place.

Even though the unnamed man with the ankle monitor has worried about getting involved, he truly saved the day. He gave the young victim enough support to avoid being kidnapped.