Muslim Candidate Explodes

PUBLISHED: 5:53 PM 17 May 2018

Muslim Candidate For Governor Exploded Over Sharia Criticism

Dr. Abdul al-Sayed became unhinged after a republican slammed Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia Law.

Muslim candidate comes unhinged when republican slams Sharia Law.

Michigan‘s first-ever Muslim candidate for governor exploded during a debate when his republican counterpart criticized Sharia Law, according to Front Page Magazine. After fellow gubernatorial republican candidate Patrick Colbeck pointed out that Sharia Law makes people insanely aggressive, the Muslim screamed that Muslims definitely “hate you.”

During a debate on Thursday, Abdul al Sayed and Colbeck got into a heated exchange when the republican criticized Sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood‘s determination to spread jihad in the U.S. and infiltrate the government. Sayed claims he wants to uphold the U.S. Constitution, but of course, leaks have shown that the Brotherhood instructs members to say that.

Like many Americans, Colbeck warned about voting for a Muslim who defends Sharia Law and sympathizes with the Muslim Brotherhood, saying he could do catastrophic damage to Michigan and the country.

Rather than respond to Colbeck’s concerns, Sayed called the republican a racist, Islamophobe, and said all Muslims hate him. When the moderator pressed Sayed on whether he would push to implement the Islamic legal system known as Sharia, he completely deflected.

“I take [the Constitution] particularly seriously because it guarantees me two things. A, the right to pray as I choose to pray, and for me that means I put my face on the ground 34 times a day,” Sayed said. “Some people choose not to pray at all. Then in Article Six it also tells us that no religious test should be held over someone wishing to serve under this Constitution. It’s an incredible document.”

There’s not a single word in his entire answer suggesting he wouldn’t push to implement Sharia in Michigan.

He said the U.S. Constitution gives him the right to freedom of religion, which corroborates Colbeck’s assertion that he would be in favor of Islamic law in the state.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a violent, far-left Islamic group that has spent decades funding and supporting terrorism. The group only believes in using force and violent acts as a means to relay their message, which openly calls for Christians and non-believers to be murdered.

As noted by The American Thinker, the Brotherhood’s manual explicitly guides members to lie and say they support the U.S. Constitution to mislead people. That’s exactly what Sayed did last week:

“In 2008, during the largest terrorism funding trial in U.S. history, United States v. Holy Land Foundation, a document published in 1991 outlined Muslim plans to take over America. For several decades, this well-organized and well-funded effort to subvert our constitutional republic and replace it with an Islamic government under Islamic law has focused on infiltrating all levels and branches of the U.S. government. The Muslim Brotherhood stated goal of transforming American society from within in preparation for an eventual takeover is clearly moving forward fueled by the efforts of these groups and their burgeoning success within the umma or Muslim community.”

After explaining that to the audience, Colbeck said it ticks him off that the media refuses to cover that or Sayed’s connection to the Brotherhood. He said this isn’t about Muslims, but rather not allowing a terrorist organization like the Brotherhood to take root in the U.S.

As the debate progressed, Sayed continued to lose his patience, scream, shout, and throw a tantrum because Colbeck dared speak out about the dangers of Sharia and the Brotherhood. He basically displayed the same aggressive behavior that Colbeck warned voters about.

While democrats have spent years appeasing radical jihadists, candidates like Colbeck are sounding the alarm about what could happen if Sayed becomes the state’s next governor.

The Brotherhood’s stated goal is to infiltrate the U.S. government and transform American society from within, and now Sayed is one election victory away from being the governor with total control over the entire state.

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