Ivanka Islamic Threat

PUBLISHED: 4:15 PM 30 May 2018

Muslim Brotherhood Threatens Ivanka In ‘Forever Vengeance’ Speech

The message targeted her several times by name.

A member of a Muslim brotherhood violently threatened the first family, specifically Ivanka Trump.

Threats of terrorism must never be ignored, especially when they are directed at notable public figures. Unfortunately, President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, has been at the receiving end of several violent threats from a Muslim Brotherhood.

Claiming that ‘vengeance is forever,’ Nidal Mohamed Sakr on behalf of the al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun brotherhood specifically mentioned Ivanka Trump’s family for being Jewish in response to the Israeli capital being moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Yet the most disturbing part of the situation is that Sakr is not only wanted for murder in Egypt but has walked free in the United States since March 2014.

He fled to the U.S. to avoid the death penalty in Egypt but was arrested when he arrived. However, Sakr was later released and worked for the March for Justice campaign which works to combat genocide. For years he has traveled between California and Florida as campaign chairman despite that he also pledged a violent Muslim Brotherhood.

Since Jerusalem was named the new capital of Israel, Sakr has more openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the capital change by taking out his frustrations on Ivanka Trump and her Jewish family.

On social media, he has suggested that President Trump be executed along with Jews including Ivanka.

In October, he wrote on Twitter, “Donald Trump, you are TOAST…I GUARANTEE IT.”

When President Trump had continued to discuss moving the capital of Israel, Sakr also made the threat, “DON’T MESS WITH PALESTINE!!!”

Considering that Sakr is in the United States, has murdered before, and has ties to violent religious organizations, his threats are being taken seriously.

Sakr does not take his affiliation with the brotherhood lightly, as his mother was in the “first generation of Ikhwan.”

Perhaps even more disturbing, Sakr once claimed to have known Osama bin Laden, saying, “I know him personally. I know his brothers. I know his family.”

He also worked alongside Abdullah Azzam who later mentored Bin Laden and co-founded al-Qaeda.

During the 2011 Arab Spring, Sakr and his wife were living in Cairo at the time and Sakr was able to play a role in the protests by leading the brotherhood and organizing rallies for them.

While in Egypt, he killed a police officer, thus causing him to flee to the U.S.

It is truly baffling that Sakr walks free in the country given all of this information. Prior to threatening the first family, he made other suggestions regarding inflicting violence “against America, Israel, Jews, and several world leaders.”

Such threats have been made on social media where Sakr can keep his whereabouts unknown.

While he was born in Rhode Island, Sakr’s allegiances have repeatedly proven that he is not American at heart and is a domestic as well as a global threat.

He once said, “Let me clear about this. I was born into Ikhwan, and my mother is from the first generation of Ikhwan.”

However, even more recently, Ikhwan was tied to violent Palestinian protests in Gaza on May 14, over the outrage of the U.S. Embassy opening in the new capital, Jerusalem.

The Islamic organization, Hamas, was determined responsible for over 60 deaths of adults and children, including an eight-month-old infant. Unsurprisingly, Sakr is a known supporter of the group, also discussing it online regularly.

Following the tragedy, however, Sakr again took to the Internet to outrageously claim that the Trump family and administration are to blame for the loss of lives that day while also continuing that “until the Muslims kill the Jews, and the Muslims will kill them until the Jews hide behind the rock and the tree,” that more innocent lives will be lost.

“Who are you to talk about forever?” he demanded, “Our vengeance is forever.”

While his apparent persistence is concerning, there is one positive side to Sakr’s infamy: that he is wanted in Egypt to have justice carried out over the police officer’s murder and that he has now openly threatened the President of the United States, also a crime which makes him a wanted criminal.

It can be argued that Sakr’s continued freedom in the United States despite his affiliations with extremist organizations “makes a mockery of Homeland Security” which was responsible for Sakr’s release in 2014 after he had been rightfully detained.

Admittedly, it shows that the department did not take a possible terroristic threat seriously while authorities had him in custody. As a result, Sakr is now mocking the first family with death threats while retaining American citizenship and associated rights.

At the very least, his recent threats may be all that is needed to have Sakr properly held accountable for his actions, both in the U.S. and Egypt.

President Trump, nor Ivanka Trump, nor her family should have to worry about terroristic threats when all they are trying to do is strengthen the country and its security and combat violence among extremist organizations. Sakr has repeatedly proven that he is detrimental to these goals and “must be stopped.”