Agent’s Family Wants Answers

PUBLISHED: 7:30 PM 7 Mar 2018

Murdered Agent’s Family Begs Trump To Reopen “Fast And Furious” Case

Obama quickly shut this investigation down.

Border Patrol agent Brian Terry's life was ended by bullets from a rifle essentially handed to the cartels in Mexico by the Obama administration. It's time that someone be finally held accountable.

Recently, Barack Obama made a speech at an event on sports analytics held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he mentioned that he had never been ‘embarrassed’ by scandal during his time in the White House. He seems to have forgotten an ‘embarrassing’ scandal that cost the lives of at least one Border Patrol agent, a scandal commonly known as Fast and Furious.

But at least one person hasn’t forgotten; Brian Terry’s brother, Kent Terry. And after years of the Terry family being stonewalled concerning the death of Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry and the role of Fast and Furious in arming his killers, Kent is pushing for President Donald Trump to reopen an investigation and FINALLY provide the family with answers and, hopefully, closure.

Brian Terry was killed in 2010 during an ambush in Peck Canyon, Santa Cruz County, Arizona. This location is about 11 miles from the Mexican border, and when Terry and accompanying Border Patrol agents fired with beanbag rounds at a group of five suspected illegal immigrants, those illegals returned fire, killing Brian Terry.

Four of the suspected shooters were arrested, and two rifles were found near the scene of the firefight, both derivatives of an AK weapon design.

But those two rifles were identified as rifles moved through a program begun under Eric Holder, the current Attorney General, known as Fast and Furious.

Fast and Furious was a terrible program from top to bottom and represented a failure of common sense from the Department of Justice and multiple executive agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE).

It was based on an earlier program called Operation Wide Receiver, begun in the George W. Bush years. The idea behind that program was to use RFID tracking devices, placed into various weapons sold to smugglers who bought firearms for the cartels and track the weapons to their final location.

The program was ended shortly after it was discovered that attempts to track the firearms via RFID tracking devices from Raytheon almost all failed, and of more than 400 rifles America attempted to track, only slightly more than 70 were recovered.

In 2009, Barack Obama’s DoJ and a number of ‘investigative’ groups, including Robert Mueller’s FBI, revived the failed Operation Wide Receiver and somehow made it even worse.

Instead of attempting to track the firearms via RFID or other similar means, Operation Fast and Furious simply recorded the serial numbers of the firearms that were sold to gun smugglers, as well as getting information about the purchaser.

Those firearms were ‘tracked’ when they showed up in Mexico, either seized from criminals who had stored them OR, more commonly, found at crime scenes.  They were only ‘tracked’ via their serial numbers, which means that the ability to actually track the flow of firearms was questionable at best.

In reality, this means that the only way to find the firearms is to wait for them to show up somewhere. Often, that ‘somewhere’ is after they’ve been used.

Most interesting of all, at the same time, that the Obama administration was ‘walking’ these guns, they were claiming that citizens in the United States had to have restrictions on their gun rights because American firearms were ending up in the hands of drug cartels in Mexico.

During the Obama years, the family got almost no answers on what happened and what led to the death of Brian Terry.

Indeed, both Barack Obama and Eric Holder stonewalled investigators, refusing to answer questions about who knew what concerning the creation of the program. It has long been theorized that at LEAST Eric Holder knew about the program and had to authorize it and that more likely than not, Obama was aware as well.

Eric Holder even said that he had “most likely” first heard of Operation Fast and Furious from the news.

But the firearm that took Brian Terry’s life, the two firearms retrieved near the scene of the crime?  They were connected to Operation Fast and Furious.

At this point, there is STILL no answer to many questions.

There is no answer as to who actually initiated the program, and who thought it was a good idea to allow 2,500 weapons to go into Mexico, directly into the hands of drug cartels.

There is no answer as to when Obama and Holder were made aware of the program, nor to why they were pushing for ‘gun control’ to help protect Mexican citizens as the Department of Justice was handing weapons to Mexican cartels.

The Terry family still has not received an answer as to how the government which Brian Terry served cost him his life.

Kent Terry is right. His family deserves answers. The American people deserve answers.

Most importantly, the government needs to hold SOMEONE accountable. So far, the only people they’ve held accountable were the whistleblowers who came forward to reveal the truth about Obama’s Department of Justice walking guns.