Murder Suspect Went Shopping

PUBLISHED: 9:49 PM 13 Mar 2018

Murder Suspect Went Shopping At Walmart After Stand-Off With Police

A murder suspect went shopping at Walmart after an hour-long standoff with police.

A murder suspect went shopping at Walmart after a stand-off with police.

Police are “upset” that a murder suspect went on a shopping spree at Walmart after a 20-hour standoff in Indiana, according to WTHI.

Michael R. Reynolds is accused of fatally shooting Amanda Kerns last week and injuring a second person during a domestic violence incident.

The 36-year-old shot and critically injured the second individual, Ronald Lawrence, during the altercation.

When Indiana police arrived on the scene, it resulted in a 20-hour standoff with dozens of Terre Haute police officers after they surrounded the home.

Officers originally believed Reynolds was in the home the entire time during the standoff, but a new report reveals he actually slipped out.

Perhaps assuming he would avoid jail time and needed some items, Reynolds went shopping at Walmart.

Surveillance video from the store confirmed his visit to the shopping center.

Police believe he was able to sneak by a barrier at the back of the home where police weren’t able to set up a station.

At Walmart, he reportedly purchased “general items,” but police didn’t disclose what he specifically bought.

“I’m thankful no one else got killed,” said Terre Haute Police Chief John Plasse, displeased that a murder suspect was able to evade police who were surrounding the home.

He added” “He could have very easily killed someone else. I’m upset that he got out of that perimeter, absolutely. But I’m more thankful that something else bad didn’t happen.”

Oddly enough, Reynolds returned back to the home after he went shopping at Walmart, which Plasse described as “puzzling.”

While many wonder why he returned back to the home rather than fleeing, Plasse said he is thankful no one else was hurt or injured during the standoff.

Toward the end of the situation, police shot and killed Reynolds.

It’s unclear why he was fatally shot or what took place, but police reported the threat has been neutralized and the community can rest easy.