PUBLISHED: 10:03 PM 5 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 10:34 PM 5 Dec 2017

Mulvaney Comes Out Swinging: Liberals Enraged As Obama-Agency Data Collections Halted

Mulvaney (pictured) is doing a great job in spite of Obama era leftovers trying to foil the work.

Mulvaney (pictured) is doing a great job in spite of Obama era leftovers trying to foil the work.

When it was noted on Monday by the Conservative Daily Post that big things were happening at the CFPB and that a 30-day hiring freeze was underway at the Obama era waste factory, few expected to hear about the bureau again so soon. There is so much corruption and downright ineffectiveness in this section of government that President Trump’s proverbial swamp is even taken back by it.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Trump-appointed Mick Mulvaney has “already started installing some of his aides into bureau positions and was reviewing ongoing legal actions against financial firms.” The free ride that so many associated, at least within government, is over. The Obama agency data collections have halted at the left is livid about it.

We can see some changes already underway. While payday loans and such lenders are dirty, so long as they run properly, they are going to be left alone by the government.

PATHETIC! English (pictured) is not wanted by virtually anyone at the CFPB, and yet she is suing to remain.

This is all happening while Deputy Director Leandra English is still trying to get a temporary injunction that would remove Mulvaney from the job and place her in the role. Yes, English is aware that Trump does not want her for the job and she is trying to force herself into the role anyhow. How this is legal is anyone’s guess.

Aside from her presence here, which is a little strange, I won’t lie to you, I think things are going extraordinarily smoothly and extraordinarily well,” Mulvaney said in regards to the meddling of English and his role as it stands.

The Senate is said to be the ones who must nominate and confirm a permanent replacement, but with English being a holdover from the failed Obama era, no one with even a hint of reason is really hoping to see her triumph in any way.

The CFPB is seeing a 30-day hiring freeze as systems are secured.

Meanwhile, the prudent Trump man is making sure that the whole system that runs it all is secure before he does too much of anything. “We’re not going to start collecting data under my watch until we are absolutely confident that stuff isn’t going to get hacked,” he said. Mulvaney even noted what a terrible job the last administration had done in relation to security of computers and other systems.

Still, while this is all going on and he is actually fixing what English failed to do, he admits, “It’s always a challenge when you’re in a workplace with somebody who is suing … to sort of chat around the water cooler, so I have attempted to correspond with her via email, which I believe to be the appropriate manner.

That is the way the left has been all during this year.

As Mulvaney said yesterday, losing elections has consequences and people like this intrusive Obama leftover just can not seem understand English enough to get the point….she is not wanted!

Source: The L.A. Times