Mueller Acquits Trump

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 4 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 8:50 PM 4 Dec 2018

Mueller’s Deal With Cohen Acquits Trump, Despite Deliberate Omissions

The mainstream media is lying to the American people about the Michael Cohen plea deal. Along with Mueller, they know it completely exonerates the president from any Russian ‘collusion.’

Trump was cleared by the Michael Cohen plea, despite what the media is saying.

Although the leftist media is doing its best to slant the narrative, sources and experts agree that Robert Mueller’s plea bargain with Michael Cohen just exonerated President Trump from all so-called Russian collusion.

Real Clear Investigations reported congressional investigators and former prosecutors agree, the Cohen deal offers further proof that Trump is clean, but it also outlines some very bad doings by the Obama deep state.

And, apparently, Robert Mueller deliberately withheld the parts that acquit the president.

Cohen pleaded guilty last week to making false statements in 2017 to the Senate intelligence committee about the Trump Organization’s failed efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, and the left is suggesting that the nine-page charging document connects Trump to Russia.

However, that is completely incorrect.

Congressional investigators with House and Senate committees reported t appears Mueller withheld from the court details that would exonerate the president.

“On page 7 of the statement of criminal information filed against Cohen, which is separate from but related to the plea agreement, Mueller mentions that Cohen tried to email Russian President Vladimir Putin’s office on Jan. 14, 2016, and again on Jan. 16, 2016.”

“But Mueller, who personally signed the document, omitted the fact that Cohen did not have any direct points of contact at the Kremlin, and had resorted to sending the emails to a general press mailbox.

“Sources who have seen these additional emails point out that this omitted information undercuts the idea of a ‘back channel’ and thus the special counsel’s collusion case.”

“Page 2 of the same criminal information document holds additional exculpatory evidence for Trump, sources say.

“It quotes an August 2017 letter from Cohen to the Senate intelligence committee in which he states that Trump ‘was never in contact with anyone about this [Moscow Project] proposal other than me.’”

Mueller has accepted this part of the testimony, which, according to experts, means that they can’t prove it isn’t true, and they’ve had to accept it.

Likewise, Mueller did not challenge Cohen’s statement that he “ultimately determined that the proposal was not feasible and never agreed to make a trip to Russia.”

“Though Cohen may have lied to Congress about the dates,” one investigator said, “it’s clear from personal messages he sent in 2015 and 2016 that the Trump Organization did not have formal lines of communication set up with Putin’s office or the Kremlin during the campaign. There was no secret ‘back channel.’”

“So as far as collusion goes,” the source added, “the project is actually more exculpatory than incriminating for Trump and his campaign.”

Real Clear Investigations reported:

“Cohen’s dealings with a go-between, New York real estate developer Felix Sater, bear some resemblance to the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russian figures – a meeting arranged by a British concert promoter.

Both instances indicate that no one on the Trump side, including the candidate, enjoyed special access to the Russian government. Cohen’s emails and text messages indicate he failed to establish communications with the Russian leader’s spokesman, although he eventually was able to make contact with a desk secretary in the spokesman’s office.

In the end, neither Putin nor any Kremlin official was directly involved in the scuttled Moscow project, sources say. Moreover, neither Cohen nor Trump traveled to Moscow in support of the deal, as Sater had urged. No meetings with Russian government officials took place.

It was Sater, a Russian immigrant with a checkered past, representing the Bayrock Group and not the Trump Organization, who came up with the tower project idea in 2015. His pitch had more to do with branding than real estate: Trump would lend his name to the tower project and share in the profits, but not actually build it or go into debt for it.

But the project never went anywhere because Sater didn’t have the pull with Putin he claimed to have. Emails and texts indicate that Sater could only offer Cohen access to one of his acquaintances, who was an acquaintance of someone else who was partners in a real estate development with a friend of Putin’s.

Talks broke off in June 2016. Trump publicly stated seven months later, just days before his inauguration, that his company has never had any real estate holdings in Russia. Nothing in Mueller’s latest filings disputes that assertion.

Sources say Sater, whom Cohen described as a “salesman,” testified to the House intelligence panel in late 2017 that his communications with Cohen about putting Trump and Putin on a stage for a “ribbon-cutting” for a Trump Tower in Moscow were “mere puffery” to try to promote the project and get it off the ground.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, stated, “Mueller seems desperate to confuse Americans by conflating the cancelled and legitimate Russia business venture with the Russia collusion theory he was actually hired to investigate. This is a transparent attempt to try to embarrass the president.”

He added, “The plea deal is weak tea and I suspect, given Mueller’s track record, that there’s even less here than meets the eye.”

The actual plea deal does not match what’s being reported in the mainstream media.

CNN said the charging documents, which reference the president as “Individual 1,” suggest Trump had a working relationship with Russia’s president and that “Putin had leverage over Trump” because of the project.

“Well into the 2016 campaign, one of the president’s closest associates was in touch with the Kremlin on this project, as we now know, and Michael Cohen says he was lying about it to protect the president,” said CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

“Cohen was communicating directly with the Kremlin,” Blitzer added.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said the development was so “enormous” that Trump “might not finish his term.”

At MSNBC, pundits maintained the court papers prove “Trump secretly interacted with Putin’s own office.”

“Now we have evidence that there was direct communication between the Trump Organization and Putin’s office on this. I mean, this is collusion,” said David Corn of Mother Jones, co-author of “Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump.”

However, this is all wishful thinking, the facts prove the complete opposite.

“It doesn’t implicate President Trump in any way,” said former independent counsel Solomon L. Wisenberg, now with Nelson Mullins LLP in Washington. “The reality is, this is a nothing-burger.”

Alan Dershowitz agreed, arguing that Mueller is resorting to false-statement prosecutions which shows he lacks the evidence to support a criminal conspiracy.

“We are seeing many of these cases being built around false statements,” Dershowitz pointed out, not the underlying crime that has been alleged by Democrats and the media.

Many people agree, and understand that now there are hints that the Obama administration actually tried to put deep state players in Trump’s campaign way before he accepted the nomination.